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Found 2 results

  1. You are allowed to promote your content in this section, but please adhere to the following guidelines. You are only allowed to advertise your content in this section. Doing otherwise (as in advertising in other sections) will result in a punishment. The content you are advertising has to be legal. (No pornographic material, it has to follow Code of Conduct and Forum guidelines) Do not try to pass off copyrighted content as yours. Be civil when posting your content. Tag your submission accordingly. (So that people can easily distinguish between different kind of content)
  2. Hi there team and everyone, so far its going great. Here are my suggestions 1) Please separate the game and forum suggestions. The game suggestion need their own board. 2) Please come up with a guideline for signatures. Are gifs allowed? What is the max size a jpg or a gif can be? The previous forum had good rules. Im already seeing oversized signatures that are making the forum look ugly and you just have to scroll more. How many lines of txt allowed? I like to 3 to 5 line rule, size 12 max or whatever. 3) Please remove downvotes. All it does is bring in trolling and a negative atmosphere. You want to express your opinion but some kid doesnt like it? Downvote. You post a fact, downvote. Where there is only upvote, its better. EDIT: 4) Im not seeing any language rules in the Forum rules. Im assuming this is a child friendly forum? As in, no swearing and what not like before?
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