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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! Welcome to my Topic! Today I'm gonna show you, and sugest to G1: A concept from the Trade System inside the game! Well... I have to explain how it works. Disclaimer (All pictures are made with photoshop, I wasn't using in any moment any type of third party program) You have to press the interact menu and choose Trade After that. You have to choose an empty Slot and choose a tradable Item. Then you mark the empty square to press ready, when the 2 traders are ready you can see a green tick, then you can press the Change/Trade bottom button. And that's all, easy & fast, no scams, no middle-mans, no chinese farmers selling APB$
  2. Okay, so, new forums means learning new things. Main desktop is down, thanks to some remodeling, so on the mobile forums. While the mobile format is okay, there is some hesitation when trying to type, and the threads are a bit hard to follow at times. Is there a plan to make a nice streamlined mobile forum (like the old mobile), or is there any thoughts about looking into some form of App integration, like Tapatalk? Just curious.
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