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  1. For that amount of money they can keep in my mailbox forever.
  2. I don't see APB materials or models anywhere besides the patriot vegas name and the apb logo
  3. Battleye actually works, but as I discussed with 1 staff inside the game at social district. They've got to turn ON autobans and rise the anticheat settings. I do see Battleye banning the hole time each 3 minutes 1-3 players on Rainbow 6 Siege. They also have Fairfight for Toxicity bans. So yeah what is the problem here? LittleOrbit is being really tolerant and pacient with our community, like trying to give them a chance as they did on the unbans wave (we all agree except banned cheaters, that was a big mistake) But what I personally think is happening. Is that they don't want the game dead before they can release the 2 unreal engine updates. After that probably they will enforce the anticheat and ban all of them. But first they wanna rise the population by updating the game.
  4. as I said before, you actually can if you know how to test them.
  5. Mitne Well basicly there are cheaters out there. Many of the most known ones got banned in fairfight, but got unbaned after battleye. And then there are cheaters like Film. Who keeps creating accounts 1 after another, and keeps cheating on all of them at high percentage settings. Also there exist those cheaters trying to look legit, setting the hacks in low percentages, trying to avoid the anticheat or recording them selves. How can you know if someone is cheating but is not obviusly looking like he is cheating? Well my method is testing them like lab rats, making them do what I want them to do. That's how I got many proofs of cheaters using wallhack/player2Dradar, also there's an easy way of triggering their aimbot. You need the help from another teammate, and attack him in L , that will trigger the aimbot SNAP , after aiming in to one of you, the aimbot will autoAim rotating exactly 90º, and many times the user tries to go back in to the main target after aimbot aimed in another way.
  6. Well. Awesome arts. In my opinion the best ones from APB. Already got mine!
  7. well that's not what I've seen in rocker bundle since I purchased it years ago.
  8. if you got the rocker bundle you can check that notizable difference. That's why when I wanna play shotguns I do use CSG for Financial and Joker tas for Waterfront, since I don't have any of them with IR3. But yeah the RS3 does reduce the shotgun spread.
  9. it's not about base stats, it's about installed mods. But I've got the csg pr1 since really long time ago, I've tried the csg with IR3 and both joker TAS. I can tell you that both joker TAS feels different. There was a problem that I don't know if it got fixed. It was about the IR3 not doing dmg in close range, bullets going through target. Also the joker TAS from rocker bundle has less spread thx to the RS3 that it has installed. But in personal experience. I sincerily find different the CSG with IR3 than Joker TAS with IR3. The joker TAS with IR3 (don't know why) shows less spread, than the CSG with IR3.
  10. not really. Joker TAS is a shotgun with less spread than CSG. I've got the Joker TAS from rocker bundle.
  11. I'm with you on this. Since the changes. The only way of playing shootguns like before, is having a Joker TAS with IR3 or Strife with IR3. Also the SPAS now works well with IR3 but not as well as the ones mentioned before. It triggers me when I've got to shoot more than 3 times to 1 target with my CSG, I miss when 3 shoots was the max number of shoots required to kill anyone... Oh hi Mitne.
  12. Do you realize that APB got born as a +18 game right? Basicly you can't low the rate to +13 to a game that contains, nudity, drugs, alcohol, strong violence.
  13. Hmmm cool I'm not on swimsuit as Word2. Guess I've got any kind of shame. Maybe my feminine features are small.
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