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Found 6 results

  1. @Lixil- Care to explain the thought process on this (especially if this is forced)? In game, multiple accounts are not against the ToS (with the caution: if you break rules on one, all your accounts can get the hammer)--since coming to G1, this was told to us. Is this wild idea just to make sure the upcoming "Volunteer GMs" can't evade the rules they will have to agree to? You even said earlier that GMs have separate accounts themselves... On the forum rules, it states: Having multiple game accounts pretty much equals to, nearly by default, multiple forum accounts. Merging different accounts sounds ridiculous especially with those who share internet, VPN, or visit forums on free wifi/cell-service. I'm not saying there are not people who have multiple forum accounts with the sole purpose of violating those rules (which justice should be served)...but I rather not have random accounts merged with mine, lose this one, or some other stupid thing that usually happens with half-arsed merges. I have never heard of any forum-like service that merged accounts. Some people purposely separate their game account from their forum account...much like they should do on the internet. For example: If you are dumb enough to share one email to all services you use, you pretty much leave a single-point of entry to your internet life. tl;dr - What is the point of merging accounts? What does it solve? Who thought of this?
  2. Ah yes, I guess i'll make an own thread for this: A more customizable version of the preset is close to the theme Tobii made - but: You can do "atrocious" things like this to make your eyes bleed: Or pretty + aesthetic things like this! Download: https://userstyles.org/styles/160572/apb-forum-minimal-customizable (You need Stylish, which is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Android (and various other Chromium and Mozilla based browsers)) Some things might look weird with some colors because of the layout of the forums. I did not add pickers all different things (I bet), if you encounter issues, let me know and I'll get on them right away. I did not remove all shadows yet but made some improvements for consistency though (e.g. edit/quotebuttons). I'll remove some borders, shadows and add some more things to customized if people are interested. DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage you might do to your eyes. Customization is done here, after pressing the encircled button: Finally you can have something that fits the best Discord theme!
  3. Just realized something that was also missing and kind of useful. It was the BBcode mode, which turns the richtext format into the old forum BBcode for advanced users to edit. And the manual turn text into "plain un-formatted text" button. Thanks!
  4. Can someone from LO (or a person who knows this forum interface) why my precious karma from the old forums did not migrate over to the new forum? It is quite annoying to look at zero karma, everytime I glance at my avatar :( I had at least 60pts over there
  5. Okay, so, new forums means learning new things. Main desktop is down, thanks to some remodeling, so on the mobile forums. While the mobile format is okay, there is some hesitation when trying to type, and the threads are a bit hard to follow at times. Is there a plan to make a nice streamlined mobile forum (like the old mobile), or is there any thoughts about looking into some form of App integration, like Tapatalk? Just curious.
  6. Summary: Writing spoilers manually in forums result in a whole post spoiler. Description: When editing a post in forums , using the [ Spoiler] tags manually , then using an embeed in it (such as a quote or a youtube video) will result in everything after that said embeed , to be considered in the spoiler , even after the [/ Spoiler] tag Steps to reproduce: - 1: Create a topic - 2: Make a spoiler using [ Spoiler] and [/ Spoiler] (without spaces) - 3: Paste a youtube link in it and wait for the forum to auto embeed it. - 4: Write a few words after the [/ Spoiler] tag - 5: Save the post. How many times have you recreated this bug: 3/3 Results: The spoiler takes everything that's after the [/ Spoiler] tag into it. Expected results: The spoiler should end where [/ Spoiler] is written. Note : a quick workaround is to save an empty spoiler then adding the embeed into it.
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