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  1. What is opinion? Buff or Nerf? 22 Yes buff nerf 26 No buff nerf 7 Maybe buff nerf 29 Wat? 60 Shud up, yer poll is dum. Now, the last two numbers are what we should focus on. More than two times the amount of yes and no answers combined are saying that your poll is stupid. More than either yes or no, think your poll is dum. 89 people think your poll is dum. Your poll has failed.
  2. Again... How do you get those metrics? Because, when answering the question "Buff or Nerf?", I get 22 says it should be buffed nerfed, 26 say it shouldn't be nerf buffed, 7 that are on the fence it should be buffed nerfed, and then 60 users that think your nerf buff poll was stupid and confusing.
  3. I am still waiting for my special title for shooting you, Androvald.
  4. Scroll wheel is programed into the game. Macro is not. I also see you have a problem understanding the difference between internal and external. And if it shouldn't be an issue, then it shouldn't be an issue on them not being allowed. So, you've been fighting for nothing.
  5. Sure I have. You have just chosen to ignore them, because it's convenient for you. 1) Tiggs/G1 has stated they are cheating. 2) It changes the SEMI AUTO rifle to FULL AUTO. I've never argued if it is more beneficial or not. What I have said, is that it changes the core mechanic of a semi auto rifle. You've argued that it doesn't. When, it does. Thus, changing game mechanics. You're stance of "well, it just makes it simple and efficient" does not make it okay to use. Because, then you go down that slippery slope. I know it's hard for you to grasp someone else's opinion.
  6. If so, give them time. BattleEye will snag them. Faster than FairFight or PunkBuster.
  7. That number isn't accurate, at the moment. We've gotten a lot of influx, thanks to the press about LO getting APB. But, during the dark days of G1 (before I got suspended), yeah, that number was up there, and if you check the charts, the population tanked. That's the issue. That's what we want to avoid. When you start a game, and got 0-20 over... And over... And over... And over... And over... Constantly... You aren't going to stick around in that game. Hell, I quit Siege for a while, because I kept dying in the first minute. Then I watched the Pro League, and then, it just started clicking how to play. With APB, there is no way to get it all to click early on. The map is expansive, and missions are nearly constantly different, unlike Siege. It's over whelming, when you try to think about it through the eyes of a new player. And that's where the community is at fault. They fail the community by not wanting to help out the community. LO could do massive changes, but it's on us vets to keep people around.
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