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  1. Odd it feels like it gives a higher fov since you can see further around corners. Even if this is true its still very annoying and jarring when the cam zooms back in while sprinting. EDIT: also can you guys undue the 'fix' to the crosshair/cam that moved it from actually being in the middle of the screen (I think it used to be higher).
  2. so are you saying zooming the cam out with '0' or '-' doesn't change the fov? Pretty sure it does and its annoying as hell that it zooms back in when you sprint.
  3. good luck emulating DEP on linux. APB requires you have DEP enabled.
  4. Pretty sure if you fully zoom out your cam and sprint it resets your fov I think he might mean that. Also any word when this'll be fixed it's quite jarring.
  5. Is battleye setup to ban for AHK/auto-it? I've seen quite a few players I think are using color based triggerbots.
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