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  1. I kinda like the idea TBH. Can't say someone is using a P2W gun when you pick it up and see that it's just a reskin of yours...
  2. From what I remember buying them 1 by 1 is when you unlock them in the marketplace and buying bundles just send the rewards to your game mail to save time. (High chance I'm wrong cause I'm going off of memory years ago)
  3. A while ago when I bought a STAC for my account it didnt show up for like 3 hours and I really wanted to use it then cause thats why I bought it. After sending a ticket they confirmed I did buy it and just sent me one in like another 2 hours, but around the time I actually bought the gun on the next day it showed up in my mail. So now everytime I make a new character it has 2 STACs
  4. If you want the mail to be delivered to your mail you actually do have to log and sometimes it takes a whole day.
  5. People like you are the reason I can still play this game. Honestly thank you. I respect the minority paying for the majority.
  6. It's not that I think the old login screen is the absolute best I just think it's way better than the dragged out one we have now. It was quick and didn't have you spamming ESC to hurry up and get to the buffer so you can pick your character and then buffer to another screen before fighting for the last spot on a district.. The music with voice lines in the background was far better too and wasn't annoying my 5th time hearing it.
  7. Kamikaze stunning with the stun grenade is the only fun I have with LTL.
  8. Anyone who buys a LTL from ARMAS will just refund it unless its a free slot, but even then it still will probably get refunded.
  9. Cars everywhere when you're trying to get to the next point in your car, but nowhere when you need a ride right now and the nearest car spawner is 200m away.
  10. I may not have been around for any of the recent events but I believe giving out items that others have worked for is a bad move. I don't know how bugged everything was but handing out the number one prize as a "Participation Award", will make later events seem more like a waste of time. If you want to make up for issues players experienced for something that you feel was your fault then something else will have to do. It may not be me this time but I can't explain the nasty feeling I get when I worked hard and gave my best to win something only for it to be given away to everyone at a later date for nothing. It makes me wonder why I even tried, when I can just complain about not receiving anything and wait for my handout. It's an unpopular opinion because everybody wants the exclusive skins they don't have. However once it's no longer exclusive, and everybody has it, then nobody wants it.
  11. Try sticking with a teammate when someone on the opposing team is going LTL. I have never been arrested when I had a teammate nearby because the cop that managed to stun me either has to finish me off with a lethal gun (which would've already happened anyway if he was going lethal), or get himself killed trying to arrest me. Now if you're losing to a pig+perc in a 1v1 only thing I can suggest is try not to get within 10m or maybe counter with a strife+perc. EDIT: Another thing to consider are the other Enfs on the team. There were so many times when I should've been arrested but other teammates decided to take the easy kill.
  12. If you're talking about the skippy movement where it looks like watching someone move in low frame rates I think that's more of the game than anything. I've seen people running a straight line and randomly skip like 3m forward which isn't much but enough to make you miss or have to readjust you aim. Although the worst thing I've ever had to deal with is people who drift their car towards the driver door and rubber band all over the place on my screen but not theirs. It doesn't always happen but when it does I feel pretty bad about it....
  13. Me > Noob / Me < Cheater is how I decide on who cheats or not, but honestly you're better off not worrying about it. If they get banned they get banned and if not then whatever. If you really want to catch someone cheating you can always try recording and watching the video later. Which will either help you identify something fishy or make you notice areas you can improve in the next time that situation happens again. "I've watched so many of my own videos and sometimes wonder how the heck I'm even gold."
  14. Id rather have a server change so I can just move my main characters to the active ones and stop having to wait for prime hours to log on and then fight for a slot in a district... I seriously play less and less cause if I'm not playing in a wasteland then I'm waiting for my macro to get me into an action district.
  15. If they ever added a threat above gold, anyone who gets it is kinda screwed. Also I don't see how getting put in a district with mostly golds after becoming gold is a punishment. I've always liked going against people better than me as long as I stood a chance. Which is how I ended up knowing all of the tricks I know now.
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