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  1. I have no issue up to m5 Just out of curiosity... what mouse do you have and what are you binding to m6 and above?
  2. Are there any in-game mods actively monitoring players?
  3. I love the level of transparency and how you're truly considering us the Project's Stakeholders and giving us regular status reports, even when the subjects are less-than-popular and/or controversial. I'm not sure how much of a good move it will be to revert back to BattleEye, but I understand that not being able to solve current issues with EAC, even when engaging their support and spending time, resources and money, means something has to be done. Let's just hope things work out better this time with BE. By the way @MattScott, will there be any sort of data release about how many people get banned and how many macro / potential triggerbot users were roaming the game at some point after this is implemented? That's not what the post says at all... The client side integration was fairly smooth, but the server side integration hit immediate snags. We spent months trying different configurations with the networks to get them talking properly, and when that didn't work, both sides dedicated programming support to fix the issues. When it still didn't work, we started exploring other ways to possibly fix it, but Kamu said based on our concurrency we wouldn't like get good results anyway. More recently I was finally contacted by their head of development with the news that they could no longer justify the resources to finish the server side integration. So then we attempted to work out a reduction in pricing. But we couldn't come to a compromise, so we have mutually decided to end the agreement. This basically means Epic contacted LO saying they were dropping their support for the integration. This is a good point, but... what key binds are you using that the game doesn't natively allow? This. Adding a pop-up (for a time) and including something in the EULA/TOS is a great approach to this new change and should ensure most people knows about it and why they're getting kicked out of the game if they keep trying to use macros.
  4. I'm all for rewarding accuracy and skill in shooters, but APB is not a game that would improve by adding headshot damage multiplier. Not in its current state at least...
  5. I know people that has been using trigger bots for years and still play the same characters, and even people invited me to a clan a few weeks ago and were willing to share the trigger bot most of them use, so either they are programming geniuses or third party apps that are not injecting anything (like hacking tools that manipulate the memory) are not being monitored properly. Same happens with macros, but that's way more debatable because not all games consider macros to be bannable, unlike trigger bots. My bad. Tones don't usually translate well over the internet. But I'd love to hear some improvement suggestions from an SPCT member...
  6. Why disregard instead of adding value? Is anything being done against trigger bot use that we're not aware of? I'm asking with actual, genuine interest.
  7. I understand what you're saying, but if things actually work like that then how come you get Golds paired against Bronzes, even in full 40/40 Districts? I haven't seen anything official from LO, or G1 for that matter... has any clarification ever been provided by the companies regarding how Threat Level/matchmaking actually work?
  8. What's your ideal Threat System rework scenario? There are so many possibilities I just went with a few... BTW, the low population is an issue when rethinking something as impactful as this... if the game doesn't get a good player base bump with the new engine and, hopefully, a new marketing campaign (including events, having some big streamers play for a few weeks, Twitch Prime loot, etc), we migh be stuck with the Threat System we have today.
  9. Boys and girls of APB; As many of you who still roam the forum, I've been playing this wonderful and amazing game since the old RTW days, on and off. After following LO in social media since they took over, reading their posts, watching the new engine stream, seeing the amazing work they are doing and how open @MattScott is with the community, I'm posting my list of suggestions to improve the game, hoping to get some traction and reaching the people who can take action. Feel free to add your own suggestions, I'll edit the post to include them. CHEATING An actual, working anti-cheat for the game would be nice... Shadow ban hackers so they can only play against other hackers - this is the feature I want to see the most. Ban macros and triggerbots - these external apps are not being monitored at all and there are clans that even distribute them to all members as if a triggerbot was something normal and acceptable to use in any other shooter game... Add potential cheater flagging methods based on stats, so a mod is required to review a player live in a district to determine if they are hacking (ie: a K/D ratio above X ==> flags an account to be reviewed by a game mod). THREAT LEVEL Make intentional dethreating much harder (more games required to dethreat (especially to Bronze), additional factors considered to dethreat, etc) and lock gold players out of bronze districts (if you're a Silver threat player in a Bronze district and get bumped to Gold for abusing lower skilled players, you {and your group} should get automatically moved to a Silver/Gold threat server without the possibility of rejoining the Bronze district until there are no Gold players in the group). The game is already hard to pick up and currently new players get rekt until they uninstall by people that shouldn't be in low level districts owning them non-stop. Add more factors to how threat level is calculated (K/D ratio, assists, medals per game, etc). A new threat level above Gold and sub-levels within each threat level. A seasonal pinnacle reward system for reaching the highest levels (similar to Destiny 2) would be nice, but it won't work unless the hackers are dealt with. In a completely different, alternative scenario, remove threat level based districts, create a "skill level" value for every player and allow anyone to join any district, but make the matchmaking strict within skill level. WEAPONS Rethink weapon balance: instead of nerfing the weapons that perform well, take what makes them good and buff the weaker weapons accordingly. This, of course, is tied to the vision LO has about the overall weapon balance, TTK, etc. Reduce the huge impact RnG has in gunfights. A LTL weapon series for Criminals, or at least an option as annoying as them. Add a "test" feature to Joker Ticket weapons similar to what the ARMAS marketplace has. Weapon loadout creation for easy swaps during missions. ACCOUNT-WIDE CHANGES Increase to symbol, theme, song and clothing limit. Symbols, cash and Joker tickets shared across all characters in the same account. Add a safe way to quickly transfer tradeable weapons between characters from the same account. Make Joker ticket weapons account bound. SERVER CHANGES Server login queue. Increase population cap and remove Green threat servers. Have an Trainee exclusive server not visible from the District list) only available for new accounts until they get a proper threat level assigned. Add the option to turn off other player's customization (turn them into a default Criminal or Enforcer skin) to improve performance for lower end PCs. Rework in-mission spawns ensuring you can't have someone spawn X meters away from you with direct LoS. Ping considered for matchmaking. OTHER / QOL Disable other players' car radio. Please. Pretty please. Character and vehicle customization limit increase. Increase the drop rate of vinyls Twitch integration (streamer mode, Twitch drops, Twitch Prime packs). Clan progression and the always requested Clan base/house/club/whatever. Create a standard tutorial mission for new players against bots, going over the basics. Take faster and harder action against Nazi symbology. Every day I see multiple people with Swastikas and SS uniforms roaming the Social district like there's nothing wrong with that and it's weird AF...
  10. It's really amazing to see such a huge amount of people so excited about a game most of us left so long ago...
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