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Found 2 results

  1. Clothing : Cat ears? Headphone? Make it both together? Everyone love headphone owo! Some ( included me ) like both of em, and make a CatEars Headphone~ or make baseball hat and headphone can be use together? Sleeveless hoodies? or any other clothes that with sleeve can be sleeveless? Larger size of clothes? so can just cover panties? inside of make them shows in public? Backpack ; Weapon hosting backpack? or more tactical backpack? More color options? or just an option to remove the sleeves or something? increase the layer space on the clothes? also the data space it used for clothes? ( cause i really need those ) Weapon : Make every gun unique? all of the states and way to use it? ( not just copy the other guns states and make it as a new gun? ) Weapon Model n Polygons ; Make it looks realistic as possible? ( i know license of the gun model is expensive... But i'm having bad experience of the gun model we have... like it just not the way they look like... ) Weapon Skin ; probably allow us to make our own weapon skins? just like vehicles is stuff we already have? i just wanna have a unique look on the weapon and make it suit my taste inside of using the default one. ( nothing wrong with the default weapon skin... they look great! i just wanna have a really cool looking and unique gun skin. ) Weapon Visual ; I like all kind of gun in armas! I would buy all of em... but it's kinda pain if the look only apply on other guns.. well of course.. no one will agree with this one.. but i would love the gun with different look of attachment on em... like literally... of course the states on the gun itself wont change at all.. it just the look of the gun changes Animations : Reload Animation ; Fix all the reload animation, either its not in the right spot or the reload animation is all in one on most weapon. ( This is only my weird idea, Maybe having a station to customize your own reload way on the guns you use? Animation is you guys doing the judge of course. Just allow to have different way to reload the magazine on the gun your have in your inventory. Preset animation only. It just my weird idea.. Don't get wrong with it. ) More Emote Animations ; Probably add more Emote animations? like for group animation or others. Vehicle : More type of vehicles? kits? sounds of it? Options of the coloring can be changed on the symbols? like Pearlescent and Metallic paint on symbols? so it wont ruin the design on the based of the car paint? More space of data on the car design ( almost have this problem too... Design is too complex..... out of design space with only 1 100/100 symbol on. ) * Probably will add more later... I can't think of anymore idea currently... my brain stuck.. * x.x
  2. So, most people have probably already noticed that criminals hold pistols(like the FBW and .45 AP) with one hand, whereas enforcers hold them with both hands. I personally main enforcer and though it is a very small thing, the pistol holding animation for enforcers does kinda bother me. I'm sure others like it, however, so my suggestion is as follows: Add an option that lets you choose which animation you'd like to use when you fire a pistol. It isn't anything game-changing, I'd just rather hold my pistol with one hand on enforcer lol. Thanks for reading!
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