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Found 2 results

  1. Summary: The Gunslinger role will not count kills made with the Obeya FBW. Description: The role did not progress after I made kills with the FBW in 3 scenarios. First, a kill where a teammate damaged the target with a different weapon. Second, a scenario where I damaged a target with a different weapon but made the kill with the FBW. Finally a kill where all damage was made with the FBW. All three did not advance my role. Steps to reproduce: Kill an enemy with the FBW and check the Gunslinger role in the J menu. Times recreated: 100% Results: Role failing to progress.
  2. So, most people have probably already noticed that criminals hold pistols(like the FBW and .45 AP) with one hand, whereas enforcers hold them with both hands. I personally main enforcer and though it is a very small thing, the pistol holding animation for enforcers does kinda bother me. I'm sure others like it, however, so my suggestion is as follows: Add an option that lets you choose which animation you'd like to use when you fire a pistol. It isn't anything game-changing, I'd just rather hold my pistol with one hand on enforcer lol. Thanks for reading!
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