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  1. Meanwhile tryhards kicking "teamkillers" out of their squad, by "coincidence" every noob/new player ofc But as far as I've experienced the new matchmaking, in my opinion it's really improvement especially with squads of 2-3 people.
  2. I was stuck as well, friend of mine redirected me to this page: https://register.gamersfirst.com/consoleless/ and it works, I have my characters transferred to PC account.
  3. What about "force" a little people to play fight clubs and make contacts here 15/20/25Lv+ progressive contracts? They could unlock new clothes or even preset ones, more weapons (even if you sacrifice 1 or 2 armas weapons with unique way of pre-modding - read, most of the time just poorly) to unlock through progression, titles, maybe skin, equipment slots and outfit slots and I guess that'll be a good move to utilize last locked slots with almost no effort 🥲
  4. We already have PS4 Founder titles on consoles, I assume the same with Xbox, maybe made them Account wise not character wise after a merge, and there's still question about duplicate nicknames after merge
  5. I wish live version of APB would run as smooth as OTW during last Matchmaking tests 🥲
  6. What about people who plays both, console and PC? Looks like we could "add" merged characters to our existing PC account but what with those with maximum character slots?
  7. You guys have had already feedback from community about VIP missions and you decided to re-enable them? What a shame
  8. So as VIP on Asylum, basically 2 people that can't play the match
  9. I personally love huge missions like 4v4+ if only I could chose which one I'd like to participate Imagine 2 sweaters in 2v2, no fun at all
  10. I hope next are 1v1 missions (eventually also 2v2 lol)
  11. Isn't the game runs now worse? Yesterday after the patch goes live I've had 55-75fps while before the patch 85-130.
  12. Imagine people getting ### after purchase the most useless Sniper/DMR bundle Death and Taxes, or god, waste 10k JT on them
  13. Basically this, faster free content.
  14. All of them are 11STK with base 60mag size, Tyr mod works similar to medusa, Hel have reversed recoil mechanics (it's getting smaller the longer you shoot) and Hoenir have almost instant reload speed of you're out of bullets in mag. Odin have like 1/3 effect of all the mods together. Fun fact, in-game stats shows Manic and Norsemans are basically the same stat-wise
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