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  1. Imagine people getting ### after purchase the most useless Sniper/DMR bundle Death and Taxes, or god, waste 10k JT on them
  2. All of them are 11STK with base 60mag size, Tyr mod works similar to medusa, Hel have reversed recoil mechanics (it's getting smaller the longer you shoot) and Hoenir have almost instant reload speed of you're out of bullets in mag. Odin have like 1/3 effect of all the mods together. Fun fact, in-game stats shows Manic and Norsemans are basically the same stat-wise
  3. Hey, I know almost nobody either have 'em or played with 'em recently, no doubt to be honest, 11STK guns that get outclassed by more popular, cheaper, easier to use, free alternatives. What are your thoughts about the guns? I personally love my Odin, tried a few different builds on other ones but still I think 11STK is that 1 Shoot to much, 10STK would be enough to make it competitive or some other tweaks, what do you think? LO could you consider test it in OTW servers? In fact Vallhalla's Choosen is very expensieve pack that offers rly "bad" weapons overall, it's 3rd the most expensieve weapon pack on the armas (Acc lifetime 51.17$ - with premium) the only ones more expensieve are Forces of Nature and KTTW pack. *Hides in the bushes*
  4. Just buff Norsemans and make them 10 not 11 STK and we'll be all happy
  5. Oh my, lovely shotguns, I'd love to see tchem either as a JT exclusives or Armas ones!
  6. Could you PLEASE add more HUD options, I'd love to play w/o any HUD even w/o crosshair but to see who's my enemy (nickname) just to increase the overall performance and game feeling (F12).
  7. Better, during GunGames we could play Anubis with HighTech skin on it. I really hope we can get Anubis NCR Adeen or NFCP3 vanilla in Joker Store @MattScott please
  8. 3-3,5k hours here If it comes to weapons - funny thing is: the most armas weapons are reskins or poor preset weapons. The most expensive ones (I guess they were supposed to be good or at least playable) are forgotten. The most expensive one pack exclusive Tin Soldier from KTTW - I've seen it a few times on asylum. The next one Norsemam Odin (my fav weapon) and overall norsemans would be very good if their STK would be reduced from 11 to 10, that's all these weapons need (CONSIDER IT LO PLEASE - that's 45-65$ guns!!) Next almost never played or even seen by anyone (almost the same rare as Odin) we have SBSR's DMR - worse DMR that isn't reliable (as a DMR) on Sniper ranges. Next we have some kind of a "experiments" like Juggernaut and Revelations weapons, while Jugg ones are not so bad then Revelations are just ar most average, all of the weapons mentioned above are unique but they always was far far away off of meta. The unique, new weapons need some love and changes, not basic weapons and reskins LO pleaseee
  9. I'd suggest to do something to stop player outcomes, I mean let's say you're new in APB, playing for some time and you hit let's say about R110 by being all the time Silver and surprisingly you hit gold and decided to log off. The next day you logging in you notice dead districts with like 3-5people around, while in social it's like 150 if not more, you can't play any mission for days and you decide to leave the game because you simply can't play opposed mission cuz you're automatically redirected to GOLD districts that nones playing on. New people are getting stomped on bronze, a lot more don't know about Advanced district select screen and they're playing on silver servers versus other gold w/o mercy, they leaving now as they were leaving every year since 2012-2013. Delete Threat based districts or change default district select screen into ADVANCED screen instead! Let truly new people to play fair matches in order to learn the game, WE are partially the reason why new people are leaving, instead of help they either gets used by veterans or stomped hard, I'm trying to ask alone silvers in whisper and tell them how to join Bronze servers and they were very glad they can FINALLY play vs opponents in similar skill level, guess what, a bunch of them are still playing because of that and spent money on the game, me included. I'd personally leave the game if I wouldn't get the info once back in 2012 on gold district that I can play on other districts after a few days of solo missions I was very glad I can enjoy the game and play with others... LO DO STH ABOUT THAT IF YOU WANT THE GAME TO GROW UP, PLEASE!
  10. They were bad even since after its relase, at most they are average guns, Misery is 2-3 burst mid range carabine, Strife is ??? it was kind of worth playing with after its relase but now it's meh, too slow and need very good accuracy because of small pallet pattern (can one shot Fragile users), H-9 is not so bad but there are a lot better options in APB, Oblivion may be usable at longer distance as a Support weapon, it's not very bad but not very good either, i.e Dog Ear have faster TTK and also it's good against vehicles. Harbinger is a mistake, looks very good, I'd love it to be more reliable as a long range secondary but with it's bloom it's almost unplayable. For the price of 40$ and content the pack itself offers it's "not too bad option" especially it's acc bound, but if it comes to weapons the better choice is without any doubts Juggernaut wins. Yeeees exactly that, I'm using only 2 pieces of clothes from the pack, kits are ugly only rear lights are nice but still vanilla are better, cool thing are Matte parts, I'd love to get these for normal cars as well.
  11. Agree, not sure if LO wanted to create a new low tier weapon or thought everybody have aimbot to be good with Corsair, or it's a gift from the gods to all dethreating / low-silver players.
  12. There's a solution Epic games store ;^) But more seriously, this game actually have an income of true new players, yet groups of 4x 255Fake Silvers don't care do much and play like vs usual other 255's instead of giving them chances or even letting them win
  13. Keep in mind , there are people - including me - who's not playing through steam.
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