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  1. There's a solution Epic games store ;^) But more seriously, this game actually have an income of true new players, yet groups of 4x 255Fake Silvers don't care do much and play like vs usual other 255's instead of giving them chances or even letting them win
  2. Keep in mind , there are people - including me - who's not playing through steam.
  3. Yukate

    Yakuza skin bug

    That's actually a nice bug in-game too?
  4. 7.7mAPB$ - New Glory 6m - Showstopper "Thunder" 5.5m - Ursus 3m Condor 3.4m Duck 2.9m Ogre x2 3.3m Duck 3.3m Volcano JD 1.1m Cap40 x2 1.2m Medusa 800k OCSP 800k Commander 700k Firework 500k Jersey 550k Anubis 725k Bullshark 700k Kickback 400k Deep Impact 415k Hammer 700k Reaper 475k Hitchhiker 550k Firework Launcher I'm updating this post daily. Final offers with APB$ not less I'll accept either only APB$ or only Weapons. Hit me up in this thread or in-game (pm or use mailbox) VarmieN
  5. I'm actually glad they didn't make us wait the whole week to remove that annoying "feauture" that suprisingly was in APB before and was a complete failure, nothing else this time. Big Thanks to LO for quick remove this thing, it's safe to play on Action Districts again ;v
  6. Fire rate no, but more like SMG spread while not scoping especially on cqc fights
  7. Hey, The new JMB came like 28h ago and the price drop is huge, I believe the cost of that weapon soon will be similar to Condor or anyways less than 5m because people are trying to get rid of this gun as fast as possible. The weapon itself was meant to be mix of an SMG and AR yes? As an SMG-like weapon it's pretty meh, the weapon spread is basically too high. In the other hand we have LCR-like marksman mode that's faster than standard Star 556 "LCR" but slower than Ntec-7 Ursus because of its mod to keep good accuracy with full auto in marksman mode. In the result we've got a weird mix of an SMG and AR that's surprisingly disappointed a lot of people, that's why we can notice a huge price drop only 1 day after the weapon release. Ntec-7c "New Glory" feels like a "easier" to play version of Ursus but in my opinion it needs a little less spread w/o marksman as a proper SMG's are used to, at least keep the spread stable. Would it be nice to see Armas version of Ntec-7 without any special mod inside like G1 did with Mountie? I personally like this weapon, I'm curious what's are your thoughts about it and what should or could be changed or maybe it's already balanced and should stay as it is now. Nighty
  8. Send me pm in game or whisper, I'll be in 1h
  9. Sure I do, I'll be in 7-8h (4-5PM GMT+1)
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