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  1. I type the code to enter the lobby and choose character. if i switch character by going back to lobby again the two step verification message pops up even tho i checked remember me option. I am playing APB reloaded through steam. i looked up in forums for anyone who encountered this problem but no search result. so i wonder if anyone having same problem as i do
  2. i was using google authenticator and i had to restore my phone .lost all key tokens had to remember al websites and made recovery SMS and backup code to able access websites again . i didn't know google auth app not save tokens. I never used this app since. the best alternative app so far is Authy. u can backup codes and protect it with a master password in case ur phone broken or stolen. i highly recommend it instead of google authenticator app
  3. I don't think so because the only way to get the backup codes is after u enable 2fa already on your account so no one will hack ur account and bypass the 2fa. it works like other major websites. unless there is a breach on their end that's a different story
  4. @Lixil @MattScott i wonder why there is no backup codes available in case of something happen like that?
  5. have u considered to remove system tax entirely from the game? not just from the trading system?
  6. yeah i believe mattscott says the new friend system will wipe the current friend list , but friend list didn't wiped yet so i wonder if they just doing some tests before they actually going for the friend list wipe
  7. @MattScott I really like the new friend system implement which reduce the grief or stalkers for someone want to enjoy the game, but i wonder why /who command still exist in the game ? anyone can check each district individually and search for the person who want to stalk , streamsnipe or grief I am looking forward for this command to be removed soon from the game
  8. i hope we get 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe that appeared in Mad Max movie ... the Interceptor or more different looks like chevy nova 1969
  9. u can get this one https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=64&subcatID=290&productId=2204 not premium : 3,119 G1C premium : 2495 G1C note : i am not sure if this 4x4 vegas or normal vegas
  10. @MattScott i want you to try normal opgl and stun opgl , the stun radius in opgl is ridiculously wide. it needs nerf
  11. yeah that's what i was saying in couple of my previous posts since servers disconnect happens in last week , when mitigation on the rubberbanding will be a permanent problem in the game , the mitigation solved disconnect problems yes but it cause rubberbanding , i hope u guys find a fix around that can make servers running smoothly without rubberbanding along with mitigation on
  12. are u still working to add more weapon in primary weapon tab ? because i don't see any shotgun listed not csg or JG also you need to mention the dimension for signature image if someone want to upload custom image
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