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  1. I type the code to enter the lobby and choose character. if i switch character by going back to lobby again the two step verification message pops up even tho i checked remember me option. I am playing APB reloaded through steam. i looked up in forums for anyone who encountered this problem but no search result. so i wonder if anyone having same problem as i do
  2. i was using google authenticator and i had to restore my phone .lost all key tokens had to remember al websites and made recovery SMS and backup code to able access websites again . i didn't know google auth app not save tokens. I never used this app since. the best alternative app so far is Authy. u can backup codes and protect it with a master password in case ur phone broken or stolen. i highly recommend it instead of google authenticator app
  3. I don't think so because the only way to get the backup codes is after u enable 2fa already on your account so no one will hack ur account and bypass the 2fa. it works like other major websites. unless there is a breach on their end that's a different story
  4. @Lixil @MattScott i wonder why there is no backup codes available in case of something happen like that?
  5. have u considered to remove system tax entirely from the game? not just from the trading system?
  6. yeah i believe mattscott says the new friend system will wipe the current friend list , but friend list didn't wiped yet so i wonder if they just doing some tests before they actually going for the friend list wipe
  7. @MattScott I really like the new friend system implement which reduce the grief or stalkers for someone want to enjoy the game, but i wonder why /who command still exist in the game ? anyone can check each district individually and search for the person who want to stalk , streamsnipe or grief I am looking forward for this command to be removed soon from the game
  8. i hope we get 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe that appeared in Mad Max movie ... the Interceptor or more different looks like chevy nova 1969
  9. u can get this one https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=64&subcatID=290&productId=2204 not premium : 3,119 G1C premium : 2495 G1C note : i am not sure if this 4x4 vegas or normal vegas
  10. @MattScott i want you to try normal opgl and stun opgl , the stun radius in opgl is ridiculously wide. it needs nerf
  11. yeah that's what i was saying in couple of my previous posts since servers disconnect happens in last week , when mitigation on the rubberbanding will be a permanent problem in the game , the mitigation solved disconnect problems yes but it cause rubberbanding , i hope u guys find a fix around that can make servers running smoothly without rubberbanding along with mitigation on
  12. are u still working to add more weapon in primary weapon tab ? because i don't see any shotgun listed not csg or JG also you need to mention the dimension for signature image if someone want to upload custom image
  13. as long as mitigation still on .. we will have these issues , mitigation must be lifted so we can able to play the game with no problems
  14. there is no disconnect now but there is lag in the game , i believe this because the mitigation on right now @Lixil can you update this thread when DDOS Attack Stopped and mitigation lifted ? thanks
  15. i have same problem too as well , not just bullet sponge . also when someone shooting at you u won't see your health draining , you see yourself almost dead and your hud turning instant red after like half of second , u thought he missing his shots at you but apparently not.
  16. this is what i have been thinking of for long time , just a one server with multiple district based on region or latency i made a small concept of what we actually want, i hope this will take into consideration by devs
  17. Can we have better color for new content begin here line in threads Instead Should be like this Just some simple color modification in css and it will be good to go
  18. the population not big enough to make a revert back to apb:r servers , and i don't think it will be any revert back , the game should be hold with one company which is LO . as you can see apb:r have items that even G1 wouldn't allow it , so best case scenario is Russian have their own server which already have nekrova and make ip restriction to all russians to be in nekrova server , they cannot allow to play or create other characters to citadel
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