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  1. The gamemode is good, but I think it is missing some things. - More UI related to the gamemode (also in spectator mode) - Deathscreen, when you die it would be nice if it shows who kill you, his weapon, how much damage you make him, a countdown to respawn and if there was a little deathcam of how the player killed you will be awesome! - I also think that the gamemode doesnt inmerse the player. - I dont like that you need to open the map every time you want to see the zones that are "infected" - It will also be good another screen when you lose that shows your stats in the game, and give you the option to search for other game / spectate current game / see your deathcam.
  2. I remember that at least Spanish one have some activity!
  3. I remember when 3-4 years ago there were different forum sections depending on language. It was an awesome place for people that doesn't have a big knowledge of english. It will also bring more people to the forums. I remember that I known a lot of people that speak spanish like me, or clans from my country, something that is positive for all the players. It will be nice to have a little community for each language. They also translated important post into that language! So if its needed I can help doing that work!
  4. I know that, but thats not something visible for the players, It will be better to make more threats visible to create a big incentive to threat up and prevent dethreating
  5. In my opinion apb matchmakining/threat system have more problems: There is no incentive to be the highest threat that you can, that leads into dethreating issues and less people playing, if some incentive was added to the matchmaking/threat system more people will play missions trying to get to the higher threat that they can. It can be made in seasons with rewards at the end of each season depending on the threat you end, the kills that you made and the missions you win during the season period. With this system more people will be forced to play missions to get special rewards! The only incentive in APB matchmaking is dethreating to get more kills and win more. Matchmaking algorithm doesnt take care of premades: thats something obvious, because if the game only have a pool of 40 players in the best moment it would take so long to find another premade that could fight in same condicion with other one. That will be easier with phasing, because there would be a larger pool of players and the system would be able to choose matches depending on group (2vs2 premades, 3vs3 premades and 4vs4 premades). We all know that playing with friends and comunicating with them is a good adventage. Add more threats: there are 4 threats, and is very easy to get gold fast, so it will be awesome to make more threats where the best players will play, because I can feel that there are a big difference inside silver players and the same inside gold players, that threats could easily be divided into 2 different, that will help players to play more to reach the highest threat and get better rewards. This are the problems and solutions that I think are the best for apb. I think that making threat invisible wont be a good idea because people will have less motivation to play and improve! LO will also need to invest money on advertising to make the game big when they fix the matchmaking completly, it would be awesome that they do a big advertise when they upgrade to UE4 and everything is fixed! Oh, and sorry for my english, it isn't my native language .
  7. I read it 3 days ago and it was already wrote! XDD
  8. I want it like most of the games today, you can play on your region servers but you can play with friends from other regions, its crap that you cant play with someone from NA, or in the case of the spanish comunity, its splitted, because a big ammount of players that speak spanish play on NA, and another big ammount on EU.
  9. What I mean its having the same servers, but in the district selection you will be able to choose what location of the server you want, for example. EU-Action-Financial-10 or NA-Action-Waterfront
  10. I think you didnt read it XD
  11. I mean, have all the players in one server, but the server with different distrincts depending on where is located, so if you are from EU, play on EU servers, etc. But if oyu want to play with a friend from NA you can join a NA district.
  12. My suggestion is to merge all servers into one world, so people from EU server is able to play with people from NA server, most of us have friends in the other server, and it will be nice to be able to play with them. It has some cons: - There will be ping problems, but this can be easy to fix, separe districs in region. Ex: EU-Missions-Financial-1, NA-Missions-Financial-1, etc. (and if you want to play with other server friend you will need to sacrifice your ping) - Repeated name in servers, I dont know how this would be fixed. And also pros: - You will be able to play with any friend you have in APB. - Community will be bigger and stronger. - More player base and players on district all hours of the day. If you guys think more pros/cons post them so we can debate it!
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