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  1. Yeah please add adjustable fps limit
  2. Not right now. We have a number of players who have expressed issues now that we raised it. Even thought their system *can* support the higher rate, they want to tune their system lower for better performance. I think we need to address that issue before we continue to raise the limit. That does make sense, frametimes does seem a bit more fluctuating. Maybe add an option that allows you to limit the fps to refresh rate + 1, or user inputted fps limit. Loving the communication.
  3. My GPU Boost don't go UP in APB as well! but its only in APB in all other games my GPU goes up an work fine zero drops zero stuttering zero input lag trust me i tested so much and it must have something to do with it. It does that because the game isn't pushing your gpu enough to actually require that. You could make a profile for apb with it set to max perf, but it is doubtful it will make a difference.
  4. if you can run this game at over 144FPS then you have a literal super computer My high end gpu isn't really being pushed by this 145 fps cap, and I don't think my cpu was either. I don't think it would be so terrible difficult actually. you could've hacked the fps cap to see, but with battleeye this isn't really possible.
  5. Really hoping this gets looked into considering how easy it would be.
  6. Who knows, maybe it's because a 10% sale doesn't look that impressive compared to 30%.
  7. What about the royalty rewards? The double bonus on them has been disabled, making it pretty much impossible to get. Even more now that items will be permanently cheaper.
  8. The thread is still about framerate cap, not tickrate. This post is confusing.
  9. Hold crouch would not save pinkies But yes I agree, I also use these.
  10. I guess ghosting a car is worse than having cars that can hit you blink in and out of existence. There's what 2 games that uses ghost cars? Project cars and gt arcade sport? LFS and AC works great online.
  11. I think you're confusing server tickrate and client framerate. They are not related. But yes I registered on the old forum somewhere in 2013. It is true that the server tickrate can't really be upped more on this old version of unreal engine with so many players. Epic has made great progress with this on the newer versions of unreal engine due to fortnite. You probably read the blogs about server tickrate and threads asking for higher server tickrates, but you're remember it as frame rate. We're talking about client side framerate. The engine can do this, and supports it out of the box. Yes also on this old version of unreal engine.
  12. I think you're the one not understanding lol. Server tickrate does not impact animations, recoil control and so on so those are all client side and easily improved by a higher fps cap client side. A lot of gameplay will overall will just be smoother and easier to control. The higher the refresh rate the more information you can see. It doesn't take any money to uncap a client side fps limit. Technically since the image refreshes more often you'll be able to see the information the server sent you quicker. It'll still arrive at the same rate, it will just appear earlier on your screen. Unless the implementation of this fps cap is fucked, it won't even take longer than 10 minutes to raise the cap, or allow uncapping.
  13. I support this idea, but don't forget caps are stupid. There are 240hz monitors available.
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