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  1. thinking of what caused to spread away players.. BTW i and my country mates cant connect to login server since LO have chosen a Host that banned our country IP's. i have to bypass it with a paid VPN to play because its VPN i have so much lags many times. After 7 years of playing APB, finally it is a real goodbye time for me.
  2. ray tracing ? did you know it is only available in Unreal Engine 4 ? wtf ban this guy already xD
  3. oh really? yeh im blind. thanks for saying so.
  4. Then you are a silver, i am mostly playing in silver districts, and i always seen golds crying or having agreement on the issue. at least thats what i see every week, every day, every hour, every mission. not sure why you saying opposite.
  5. yes you did! because i have seen many gold players crying out of cheats, less silvers though.
  6. you are complaining that people that are crying out of cheats are mostly silvers, i said thats not true.
  7. well said. ban cheaters and half of the population is dropped down. not so true, i have been playing last week, in every few missions we got legit people playing. most of the times was cheaters or clozet's.
  8. they don't want to listen and they are not used to listen to community. community is just for being around and have things updated and etc... no body cares what users are saying. if its not this way, then its LO's way.
  9. what greater plans ? they should be like 4 or 5 of em in every populated district. and no they don't need to be active for ever, they change their position by 2 or 3 hours. is it much to expect a GM this amount of service's ? im not talking about Moderators or Developers no, these GMs are who that appliciants thats been chosen by LO from regular users. like me and you. what ? i couldn't understand your sentences.
  10. i just say my comment, LO should decide to work on this issue. i dont know how, but there is something that can be done to control game having dudes running around with speed hack. yes there are people easily bypassing BattleEye. there should be some GM available in districts, replying live requests. like voting team members if they need help of a GM and then if the answer is "yes we need a GM look into these player(s)" then GM comes and if the team member are right, he/they get ban for a week or so. at least they become less blatant (like now they are using speed hack or teleportation with no fear of getting banned).. all im saying is : (forget me for issues in typing)
  11. i love haters, they always release their emotions to me with a red download sign. thanks !
  12. Im tired of disconnecting my game because getting cheaters against us. its a joke that LO and @MattScott dont want to hear about it and the moderators don't do any help with support, no support. i have sent many report tickets, nothing is happening. all day they are in game. cheaters... doing speedhack ! teleportings and aimbots. you want to ban me because of telling the truth ? ok ban me but sir ! i dont want this game like this. at least answer me then ban me ! please
  13. this particular subject is what apb is suffering from and i think its more important than any other revisions or patch or new contents.. if people are begging you for doing something, it means serious.. for many time that has passed and will pass..
  14. you are not assigning Premium by human resources right ?
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