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  1. i love haters, they always release their emotions to me with a red download sign. thanks !
  2. Im tired of disconnecting my game because getting cheaters against us. its a joke that LO and @MattScott dont want to hear about it and the moderators don't do any help with support, no support. i have sent many report tickets, nothing is happening. all day they are in game. cheaters... doing speedhack ! teleportings and aimbots. you want to ban me because of telling the truth ? ok ban me but sir ! i dont want this game like this. at least answer me then ban me ! please
  3. this particular subject is what apb is suffering from and i think its more important than any other revisions or patch or new contents.. if people are begging you for doing something, it means serious.. for many time that has passed and will pass..
  4. you are not assigning Premium by human resources right ?
  5. i really enjoyed. are you an artist ? in case DM me.
  6. i have tested with several ISP'is. my parents ISP, my work ISP and my home, 3 different ISP's. even with my mobile SIM.
  7. then why i had no issues before these happenings?
  8. yep. i cant. maybe new login server is banning IRANIAN ip'es ? edit : YES! i could login with a vpn.. @MattScott i cant login with my IRANIAN IP and i wouldn't pay for VPN.
  9. still cant login, trying for 3 hours constantly. nothing.. maybe because boss said "no more" and no one talks about it. @MattScott im having trouble !
  10. Hi. i just wanted to let you moderators know i am still having issue with login server, it wont let me in, maybe another issue ? i am asking because there is no one referencing it in the forums.
  11. same here. i cant connect. Login error code 9 again.
  12. ("retrieving your settings...") is it me or for all ?
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