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  1. so someone said that "shotguns are now acting like they should've been"... if that's so, then every other gun is not acting like they should be... am i missing something? they said they increased the first pallet's damage but decreased the total damage of the Shotguns. well that would be helpful only in 1 case: only 1 player from the team uses shotguns. not all the players get shotguns...
  2. so is this okay that i can't login every now and then? got disconnected and again i'm facing this trouble.
  3. i do use a cracked version of windows too, this problem is not windows-related i believe. i am using windows 10 64-bit build number 1803. try reinstalling another version of windows.
  4. Hey, looks like it's because of alienFX. If you've noticed, the kick happens just when your device lighting wants to change (to red for crim or blue for enf). Try uninstalling alienware command center. It helped me with the message and kick.
  5. Did you have some files blocked by BattleEye when you lanched the game? I kept getting this message because of AlienFX. if you have an alienware device or APB sets your device lighting, you need to uninstall the program associated with your device e.g. Alienware Command Center.
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