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  1. gogeo

    Joker Vegas 4x4

    Thanks for clarifying!
  2. Couldn't find anything about this on the old forums, decided to ask here. Is the jt 4x4 an unlock or one time purchase? Like can I buy multiple 4x4s like armas vehicles so I can have different versions? Or is it just one single vehicle and only can have 1 in my locker? Extra question: is the firebomb worth it?
  3. The people that cheated before can just go play without cheats now without being punished and enjoy their boosted characters...... On the other hand there will be less cheaters.....
  4. I'll start buying once they put up new prices and launch a sale too
  5. It's your own choice you spent money on armas. If they would hand out the difference they will be making a loss. It would be insane if they do it.
  6. As far as I know you can't buy g1c with steam wallet. When you purchase an armas item you can pay with steam wallet so it's limited to purchasing items and won't be able to add just g1c with steam.
  7. Please stream it, would love to even watch it!
  8. gogeo

    Police Sirens

    Would be awesome to see improvements made to this, especially for the roleplayers out there. Current sirens are a bit lackluster and the lights look pretty awful. I do hope with the engine upgrade, these things will look better.
  9. gogeo

    (Game) Vehicle Suggestions/Requests [WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY]

    I think new kits for already existing cars would be great, like a sports kit for the sentinel or the other pickups. Though just my opinion. New cars would be great too, especially for role players I think it would be cool.
  10. gogeo

    SPPD Uniforms & Vehicles

    I think it's mainly the limitation of customisation for f2p players.
  11. Only option would be placing in the shopping basket but not sure if it stays there, wishlist quite nice to have though.
  12. Totally agree, some players deliberately use those loud screeching themes. Can get very annoying.
  13. gogeo

    (Game) ATAC 424 "Classic"

    That ATAC 'Watchman' looks very cool though. Wish there was a Watchman variant with 2 slots free to equip mods onto.
  14. What do you guys think?
  15. Should be reduced to 10% but not completely removed.