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  1. Are you using the in-game police sirens or have you created one in the music studio to more closely resemble the real life variants?
  2. All guns from the juggernaut bundle are so mediocre now, I bought it because they used to be decent, now all of them are not worth using at all. The frenzy has a very annoying recoil pattern, manic has a ridiculous bad ttk for what it is.
  3. Should have focused on that from the moment you acquired APB. Why bother even porting something over that's so broken in the first place. Efforts should have been made on fixing and upgrading the current game instead.
  4. Just downloaded, all districts were empty lol. Then game crashed in social. I'd have expected some players around this time.
  5. They should bring those newer builds to console first asap. PC can wait until the bugs are sorted out.
  6. Hmm, yes please. I only ever buy something from Armas at a 50% discount.
  7. System: Ryzen 7 3700x AMD R9 280 3G 16GB DDR4 Game installed on SSD Issues: - Constant disconnects, after a disconnect can't join a district, sometimes still locked out after 15-30 mins. - Game crashes - Surround sound isn't working properly, certain audio is misplaced and not outputting on the correct channel.
  8. Noticed it too. Connected to my receiver via Optical cable, game isn't outputting 5.1 surround correctly.
  9. Our legendaries are marked as not tradable, unfortunately this includes not being able to send it to other characters, support told me this wasn't "legally possible".
  10. Already did that and they said it is not possible.
  11. I just want to send the legendaries I got from JMB's to my other character. I don't understand how that is not allowed....
  12. Vivox is definitely not complete trash, the outdated version in APB was complete trash. Vivox integration in newest games is pretty good.
  13. Hopefully the final release will have something done about the color palettes, they're just as awful as the console version now.
  14. Could get in for about 5 minutes in social after which the game crashed, Ryzen 7 3700X, RX 5700. Seems to be a Navi issue I guess.
  15. Great work, love the details! this is the most effort I've seen someone put into APB in recent years.
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