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  1. Vivox is definitely not complete trash, the outdated version in APB was complete trash. Vivox integration in newest games is pretty good.
  2. Hopefully the final release will have something done about the color palettes, they're just as awful as the console version now.
  3. Could get in for about 5 minutes in social after which the game crashed, Ryzen 7 3700X, RX 5700. Seems to be a Navi issue I guess.
  4. Great work, love the details! this is the most effort I've seen someone put into APB in recent years.
  5. 50% sale would be welcome, especially since there's more players now.
  6. I think everyone should only be able to play at the in-game graphical options, and LO should expand upon those settings. Disabling explosion effects through the configs already gives an unfair advantage IMO.
  7. It's worse than I thought, a company that has existed for 2 months buys the APB IP. There is nothing known about the company and little orbit is willing to sell the IP to some shady company for some quick funds.
  8. Can't even find anything related to "Unit Game" no website, no games. Nothing.
  9. VivoxVoiceServer process often stays open after exiting the game, steam is recognising this as if the game is still running. Try ending this process in task manager.
  10. Offer all 3 slot armas weapons in the JT store except for all the reskins. Offer easier ways to get JT. Everything in the armas store should be cosmetic only imo, including the cars. You want nicer looking clothes/vehicle kits? Purchase them on armas. This business model works well and no one can claim it's pay2win. Customization has always been a big part of APB, it's what makes it unique. JMB's should be removed or made as a weekly reward for getting to gold objective in fight club or something in mission district, more incentive to play.
  11. Already had that for a long time, what's that got to do with this?
  12. Update to the latest windows 10 build 1903 caused my account to get trade locked.
  13. Are you that slow in fixing things? The same problem still exists today.
  14. Updated my windows the other day and now my computer is trade locked in apb. Planned to do a lot of customization during the last two days of premium left that I bought. I guess I'm not allowed to because of this 3 day Trade ban. Fix this nonsense. Edit: The update was content update 1903 Windows 10.
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