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  1. My thoughts after seeing it really is the same green top hat from eons ago.
  2. I did all the achievements apart from the Ho ho ho... 2018 on my main (and all minus that and gun-runner on my main crim too). I also gave that Ho ho ho-thing a go on my main late in the event, but it's really a pain in the neck with this community and specially the population levels. I got little over halfway it during one good session, but then the FC population died for the night and next 3 days literally nobody was handing out gifts during my online hours. It didn't help that 90% of people were using meta weapons and sweating really hard when some of us tried to make use of waywardly modded bullsharks and other nonsense the santa boxes gave us. Also I got really scared at one point, when one daily didn't for whatever reason count towards the santa slayer on my main. Luckily I had still one extra day left when I was done on that, having played 10 days in a row which was only possible due to having easier than expected work schedule on 27th and 28th... Had those days been lost due to work (like the start of the event before 22nd day was) I would have just called it quits at that point and not bothered to play at all on subsequent days.
  3. You mean it's yet another thing that isn't what it actually says on the tin?
  4. My 2 cents: Epidemic, while a decent event, shouldn't have replaced headless horseman event. Finding both of them a space of 2-3 weeks in calendar shouldn't be too difficult. Re-balancing things that haven't been touched since forever takes time. Do more of this in baby-steps. Events shouldn't require playing on so many different days to complete, or at least there should be more time to do them than 14 days if they require playing on 10 different days. That said, I'm fine if they take similar amount or even slightly more hours to accomplish. My issue is having time to do strictly limited amount of daily stuff on 10 days within 2 weeks while doing the same amount of stuff within 5 days instead is not a problem, as the 5/14 gives much more room for scheduling than 10/14. Beyond that, I wish you a very productive 2019.
  5. Problem isn't the grind. It's the very narrow time frame allocated for the grind. If I happen to miss even one day now, it's "over". If that would happen to be the case, I'd just abandon after the second-longest achievement is done. It's not THAT great of an event due to it being so random and heavily depending on things you can't control. The event in Fin is super dependent on the random matchmaking. If you get into a good team, you're all set. If not, well, you're SOL and JWF. And the event in Beacon is all about getting lucky with spawns.
  6. I'm not too big on the e-peen features of the program either. Beyond that, I'm fine-ish with the selection of people. Kinda hoped that there would have been more ppl that aren't so well-known for everyone, but then again, there is the "add more later on" card still on the table so who knows what the cat might drag in...
  7. I'm beyond caring for any quirky rewards, after having missed so many limited time opportunities due to work, life, etc...
  8. I'd like to know, what I just failed to read. On second thought, maybe I don't even want to know.
  9. Sorry, but after getting almost immediately accused of cheating upon returning to this late-halloween event after being away for several months, I no longer believe ANYTHING people say about cheating unless I witness it my self. Neither should anyone else.
  10. With this latest event, I've come to think about equipping RD myself too. Not to use it for terrorist-style cheap attacks, but rather just to eject unwanted carjackers that are in the same team with myself. Because it's so frustrating to be in process of doing something and then just have a random teammate with no clue whatsoever jack my car and disappear with it...
  11. This, now, million times!!! Not only is it just cancer, making everyone spend next 5 minutes insulting the culprit(s) in chat, it creates a traffic jam with the blown-up car remains that just adds to the annoyment.
  12. In addition to being broken in this event, what good has the remote det brought to APB? I really just question the whole existence of it... The fact that it's broken and can be used to spaw-r43p people in the event is just another tick into "nope, we don't need this shit" -box. I genuinely liked APB more when it was R195 cap and none of the broken shit that needs to be disabled in half of the events wasn't there in the first place...
  13. So there's like 1 new colour and 2 identical designs in pre-existing glow-in-the-dark colours. Not to undermine the effort, but... The effort of actually getting them is propably more time consuming than what went into the design
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