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  1. Should I dart left or right? That IS THE question.
  2. If you need to ask this, you know you'll be screwed.
  3. In my dark and miserable brain, it kinda turned into closed alpha when it comes to being able to choose how and what aspects of it to play etc.
  4. I got turned salty, when 2 minutes before gettin out of "potentially naughty -box" (needing to have followed at least 20 min to say something in the chat) i was shoved into another naughty box (needing to have followed 45 min to say something in the chat). At the moment i feel just toxic. Inside and outside.
  5. Mine still haven't magically fixed themselves.
  6. I find it curious, that so many people are basically creating slight variations of the same exact character, when APB offers so many ways to be different.
  7. From 0 experience APB can be extremely brutal. It's pretty tough even for some of us to pick up again after taking some time off from it. It wouldn't be so bad, if the game had a proper tutorial or would at least explain certain things with some visual aid to you, but the tutorial elements are pretty minimal and basically just about tell you how to move around and it's up to you to figure out the rest. Map knowledge and understanding the basic mechanics with mission objectives and what ranges and how to use weapons is only the beginning, and many don't even survive that because certain elements in the community are pretty rough on newcomers and keep preying on them. Also it wouldn't be so bad, if there were loads of newcomers joining constantly, so that people would have more equal level opp and teammates, but there is really not too many people who have joined within last couple of years. As people have suggested, try to find some kind of small community that welcomes you and just start playing it with them. It's difficult to give any advice for someone blindly as we all learn and figure out things differently. And then there comes performing what you learn and know... I still suck at shooting with pretty much all guns, I'm just really bad with quick hand-eye coordination in video games. Luckily in APB you can use cover, distance and selection of weapon to compensate, at least to a degree.
  8. Given Matt's explanation in this thread, i kinda understand why they picked a closed group of people they (at least tihink they) know, makes certain amount of sense. Doesn't however help the fact that others feel more and more left outside. But that's just my opinion nobody asked for.
  9. Corona or no corona, i briefly popped back in for easter event thingy. Don't worry, I'm already gone. See you on next event i fancy playin'.
  10. I've pretty much given up bothering on where we are going... I did play during the initial release of APB. I was invited to apply for APB:R closed beta and got in. Since that, I've become less and less useful. Irrelevant. Detached. A lost cause. Maybe even delusional. A rambling hermit. Something to be purged soon. I've outlived my wellcome, and lingered on too far. I have become a burden. A doomsday prophet.
  11. IF you need a known terrorist organization or third reich symbols to make you look like "badass", you are bad and need to get a good whoopin' targeted at your patootie.
  12. What is 100%, when there are numerous irrelateive roles, that despite being expired, randomly keep re-activating at random times due to newer roles being activated? Having steam already open while opening APB through it doesn't seem to do this trick. You sure this works? To a degree worth taking the effort?
  13. It's a tricky question. It depends. If I'm feelin' confident and on top of my game, then .45 is the obvious choice... However, more often than not you'll find yourself not feeling that conficence (or not getting the results you want) and thus feel strangely drawn into FBW... In simple terms, I'd put it this way: if .45 isn't workin' for you at the moment, there's always the FallBackWeapon. So even if your instinct is to prefer .45, you're likely to cling onto the FBW unless you can be precise as a gosh darn with the .45... Before range limitations were introduced to APB, I was approaching maining FBW and using CCG as my secondary...
  14. Don't take this personally, but this is starting to look like reloaded-era G1 excuses to me... I hope we don't need to see more of these...
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