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  1. Sorry, but after getting almost immediately accused of cheating upon returning to this late-halloween event after being away for several months, I no longer believe ANYTHING people say about cheating unless I witness it my self. Neither should anyone else.
  2. Chinook

    Pet peeves of APB.

    With this latest event, I've come to think about equipping RD myself too. Not to use it for terrorist-style cheap attacks, but rather just to eject unwanted carjackers that are in the same team with myself. Because it's so frustrating to be in process of doing something and then just have a random teammate with no clue whatsoever jack my car and disappear with it...
  3. This, now, million times!!! Not only is it just cancer, making everyone spend next 5 minutes insulting the culprit(s) in chat, it creates a traffic jam with the blown-up car remains that just adds to the annoyment.
  4. In addition to being broken in this event, what good has the remote det brought to APB? I really just question the whole existence of it... The fact that it's broken and can be used to spaw-r43p people in the event is just another tick into "nope, we don't need this shit" -box. I genuinely liked APB more when it was R195 cap and none of the broken shit that needs to be disabled in half of the events wasn't there in the first place...
  5. So there's like 1 new colour and 2 identical designs in pre-existing glow-in-the-dark colours. Not to undermine the effort, but... The effort of actually getting them is propably more time consuming than what went into the design
  6. Addition of remote det was a mistake in the first place. It's not that hard to set up a trap with your car using grenade in the first place, but the remote det just took away all the effort from preparing the trap since you can just launch the vehicle into a crowd and get several cheap kills by doing so. It's almost as bad as pre-windup osmaw IMHO.
  7. Out of all "hate symbols", swastika is the one that has potential to create legal issues in certain countries within EU. And no hindu good luck charm nonsense please, that card has been played so much that it wore out. *insert Kappa*
  8. https://support.gamersfirst.com/
  9. Chinook

    Epidemic - walk through

    I would like to know who's brainchild was the idea to make 2 of the factions yellow... Lemony yellow and orange-ish yellow aren't very distinguishable given all the coloured fog. Not that it matters too much in the long run, but sometimes you'd prefer to have the 2 enemy factions stand out more from eachother while being purple... Sometimes killing one orange-ish yellow is more important than killing two lemon-ish yellows. And the way the role works is [not smart] (funny little word filter...). Play few rounds, change char, play few rounds, log off for the rest of the day since there's nothing to be gained and the explosive weapons heavy gameplay isn't the best fun APB has to offer...
  10. Chinook

    Epidemic - walk through

    Even after quicly browsing through the walk-through, it took me 2 rounds to figure out how the event actually works... After I had that figured out, I was already bored with people camping certain tactical locations just to keep spamming explosions on you. Worst bit in my opinion however is the endgame stage, which is nothing but a giant clusterf**ck out in the open with 500m spawns unless your team controls one of the nearest territories. It's not a bad event, but still leaves a lot of room for improvements.
  11. If bewbs and nipples are ok - like it was said in the earlier post-takeover topic about the subject - then allow us to remove bras in clothing kiosk already. The game itself and it's rules guidelines about nudity are clashing at the moment. Also: nipple sliders in character studio! Threat or opportunity?
  12. Chinook

    hybrid cars

    I'd love to get a nice hybrid, but damn how friggin expensive the nice ones are!?!?! Meanwhile, I rather drive an old heap of junk that's well equipped and comfortable, than suffer with one of those horrible eco-boxes that are as lavishly equipped as Moroccan prison and ride like steamroller.
  13. Chinook

    im gay

    I'm 36 and what's this?
  14. Chinook

    Dear Little Orbit

    I looked at the changes and... MEH Even after the changes, it's triple-A money for some borderline P2W and fashion. And we're seriously lacking in the fashion department. Bring in some more fashion and take away the cooldown and reduce %rates of cash/standings (or increase the baseline while keeping premium ones at current sums) and if people aren't still paying, insert more fashion stuff.