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  1. Chinook

    Apologies for issues today

    In the end it really boils down to this: be honest and pay the price that comes with it say nothing or claim that everything is "status quo" and pay the price that comes with it I think it's (unfortunately) a lose/lose situation untill you've found a solution that works better than what's been tried so far.
  2. Chinook

    1$ = 100G1C ...huh?

    Does it still work the same for us EU folks that when we make a purchase, they charge VAT (24% here in Finland) on top? Last time when I bought G1C I went for the $200 lot just because it gave enough "bonus g1cs" on top to pretty much break even after the taxes.
  3. Chinook

    Post your stats!

    mine would be 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  4. Given, that they officially provided "clean slate" to everyone that they've unbanned, what message would it have sent to people if Lixil had chosen the "nope, not teaming up with you, you've been banned in the past" path? While it might not have caused as strong outcry that what actually happened, it would pretty certainly have caused some form of outcry anyway. Somehow it all went from good intentions to lose/lose situation.
  5. Ah, so there's 2 different ways to get "locked" then Been so long since having trouble last time that I can't remember accurately. Sometimes you can log in and choose another char just fine, but if you try to enter the game with the character you were using at the time of crash, it throws you back to login. (Can't remember if it gives you an error message or not)
  6. Have you tried to log in using a different character (given that you have more than one on your account)? That sometimes helps (or at least gives the impression that it helps - it could just as well be that enough time has passed whenever I've tried another character).
  7. Chinook

    list ignore

    This, really... Unless the problem is triggered by your behaviour, you rarely need to ignore anyone (except if you want to silence their themes). I pretty much rinse my list each time I play, only few names I've had to add knowingly on it several times (these cases have been mostly beggars).
  8. Chinook

    Surveys for G1C Removed?

    Good for you. I tried doing those once...or maybe twice? One didn't work and one just gave me fuckall as reward. I may have gotten something like few 30 G1C's for watching an ad even earlier. I have better uses for my time than wasting half an hour for something I can make in 5-10 minutes at work.
  9. Chinook

    server down

    You ask: What's wrong with poor citadel? The answer is: Poverty. Poverty stinks.
  10. Chinook

    What is wrong with you?

    I might have done "the thing" which the controversial posters seem to be afraid. On purpose.
  11. Chinook

    What is wrong with you?

    In my opinion, your opinion is wrong from my point of view. If the thread were now to disappear before you read this, how would it feel? Lets have an edit here: All these threads recently getting locked / deleted / hidden away while being few hours offline just feel wrong for someone who's trying to be a part of the community and have chance to post a carefully constructed opinion later in the thread instead of immediately rushing in with one-liner. It's frustrating that all of a sudden you can only reply to a post via PM to the postee, but even that feels hollow as nobody else sees that conversation take place.
  12. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/14-server-marketplace-auctions/ Find someone who's selling symbols on your server and ask?