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  1. Don't take this personally, but this is starting to look like reloaded-era G1 excuses to me... I hope we don't need to see more of these...
  2. I've never sold a legendary weapon. And bought only a few. The rest is pocket change.
  3. When someone did that "what makes one a veteran" or whatever the topic was, where ppl could vote on the hours spent, it started to make more sense why I've been not sure if some ppl are cheating or not. If someone has 5000 hours more than you do, of course it'll feel like being cheated on, since they know everything backwards and forwards by heart... I just keep sucking with all the guns with my miserable 2,5k hours, most of them during beta and early release, so no wonder I can't beat some of the folks as it turns out they have like 7k or 10k or even more hours than that in the game... (I remember reading an essay somebody wrote about stuff, where it was mentioned that 10k hours of practice at pretty much anything will make you one of the best in the world at that, regardles what "that" is, unless you're like handicapped or something)
  4. I've said this at some point before, but this is something they easily could add (just needs animation for it). Dual X could be same stats as Y, besides reload time etc. Dual Z could be same stats as Å, besides reload time, mag cap, etc. Not rocket sience. Just simple "2 of these equal this" conclusions and adjustments upon that.
  5. I hate the sniper stages. Also find it weird that beyond that, it keeps mostly getting better and better (imho) instead of actually getting more difficult. The selection of guns is OK-ish, apart from HVR and maybe one another gun I don't want to get too personal with... The order they're set could however do with minor tweaks (nothing groundbreaking, just little swaps between a and b and x and y).
  6. Can not be done currently, because it would require creating a tool that throws your gender-specific stuff to bin and gives you new gender-specific thing that you'll be needing in the future (clothing).
  7. I wonder what's going on in the background, because the servers didn't crash down, they were properly taken down, with shutdown countdown broadcasted and everything. Is it ISP doing their "things" without LO being aware beforehand or did we forget to read mail (or pay the bill )?
  8. This game... Got the apparently ultra-rare skin activity 2nd time tonight, but ofc server took nosedive before I got it finished. That's 2 failures to complete it out of 2 attempts now. I don't know what to say.
  9. I wish we had more time remaining in the event... Couldn't really play much in last 2 weeks due to work scheduling.
  10. I had the skin activity once, but didn't have time to complete it at that session. Not gonna get it for 2nd time it seems. Also I wonder how many pumpkin soldiers I'd still need to kill, as there is no counter and I have no idea if killing the horseman counts towards the 100 or not. Not sure if I should abandon my push for the 100 and focus on getting the quicker roles on my crim or not.
  11. It's frustrating to keep trying to accomplish something, when you don't even know how much more you still need do before it's finished. And why so short? When an event involves any grindy stuff, the time allocated for it should be set "sufficient" for weekend warriors too (unless it's been already extended while I've been busy pulling 12-hour shifts at work)? I'll be amazed, if I can even 100% complete this halloween on ONE character (out of 10)(-ish?)
  13. Nerfing any contenders of the ntec-5 should't be done before they have decided how they are going to re-balance it and have performed that duty (and possibly re-balanced it countless times). We could as well be theoretically talking about STAR getting re-balanced right now, but why not focus on one thing at the time for the time being? It's not like the massive balance patches have led into huge success and fixed all the problems at once in the past...
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