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  1. You ask: What's wrong with poor citadel? The answer is: Poverty. Poverty stinks.
  2. I sometimes feel like 25% of my office days (when I'm doing truck dispatching / load management AND customer service at the same time) are wasted on waiting for X to load or start responding again. And unlike a game, I just can't call it a day if I feel frustrated. If I'm having bad time in the game, I can just close it and do something else instead. Why US server has / gets so much more trouble than EU server is interesting to say the least.
  3. I'm curious - what for did you need those 700k so immediately? I mean, it doesn't cover the value of any legendary weapon one might really fancy (for any other reasons than having them all), and it's a bit much for anything else to just carry around casually...
  4. Step back from the keyboard slowly with your hands in the air!
  5. I've sometimes wondered if APB is the prime target in the first place, as there is nothing to be gained from DDoSing it, but without knowledge on what else is hosted by same datacenters you can't really tell. Also the power of haterd and lengths people are willing to go when fueled by it must not be overlooked.
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