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  1. Has someone tried to use it for something else than griefing? My experience with it has always been someone just blasting everyone around him/her with massive audio overload with like 200%+ volume and bad taste in music.
  2. If it's anything like the betas we've recently had, there'll be literally NOBODY around. So you can claim victory in your heart by the fact that you wouldn't get an opposed mission in the first place. EDIT: If someone missed the joke here, that poor soul hasn't tried the engine upgrade betas... The performance is beyond horrible. It's marginal at best, and this is with best rigs available today. I'd be perfectly happy with somewhat stable 60fps... Or even less, if it just were even remotely stable for crying out loud.
  3. See you at the next event maybe. This must be the record for me, to play the least amount of apb halloween event ever. It's not like I'd be getting any enoyment from the "run of the mill - missions". Not even after all the "tweaks" to the meta. It's still shit if you prefer to go around solo. And while the horseman event districts boogaloo is the best thing since frozen pizza, it's still flawed.
  4. Tryhard is someone who no matter the game, no matter the situation, will always go "all-in". I rarely "push" myself to the limit, because I get enough of that shit at work. When I'm at home I play games for fun, and I rather do things for "shits' n' giggles" than go all out with whatever "skill" I may have in the game in question.
  5. That is obviously just to show the equipment without typing everything by hand. Can't remember what version number i run at the moment, but it's something from last 180 days. To whom it may concern... https://www.passmark.com/baselines/V10/display.php?id=131227211645
  6. I'm sorry to inform, but it runs like garbage. If you put any of your settings towards allowing you to enjoy other people's character and car designs, the performance is shit, or worse. It is so much worse than live, that I can't fathom at this point whether or not engine upgrade is worth the time spent. I really really hope it is, but at this point it just doesn't show up to be.
  7. I can't fathom how this can run worse than live, given that the engine upgrade must give access to plenty of areas where performance increases can be achieved. Yet it runs like a turd unless you tone it down to clay figure graphics. Way worse than current live, at least on my setup (https://www.passmark.com/baselines/V9/display.php?id=92773753464) It is just curious how it can run so bad even with low settins when enemies at 90m don't draw at all, except their gun.
  8. It's not server fps people complain however, or is it? It's just that the game runs like a pile of garbage. You're lucky to get occasional 60 fps on any setting with a rig that used to be able to run apb at 100+ fps 5 years back in time... And when it doesn't run at any stable fps at all, it makes the controls and thus the game itself feel inconsistent and horrible.
  9. FPS is rough. Changing settings to low atm, to see if anything can be salvaged. High runs barely at 58fps on my setup, and keeps dipping all the way to high-30's... (At which point I'd prefer steady 30fps, because it is choppy and inconsistent as hell)
  10. Yeah, I can't fathom why there is steam login option if it doesn't work... Manual login seems to work, after I took the time to figure out what my password was...
  11. I can log in to the live version with no problems. With the beta I just keep getting the "error 9". Sorted it out. Manual login seems to work afterall, steam login just gives the error...
  12. So is it not on then? Because I can't seem to be able to login...
  13. Getting the good ol' "Error 9". Is it not on? I have no clue...
  14. Do I need to create a new blank account in this beta realm? Just curious as I can't seem to be able to login...
  15. As someone who maxed cop role in mission districts when threat was still something that fluctuated from round to round depending on your last X matches, fight club wasn't yet invented, and people were free to kick anyone from the team if they fancied doing so... I laugh at you. Put your money where your mouth is. Which means, that instead of complaining how hard it is to arrest ppl, find someone who also wants to do arrests, team up with that person, and you're pretty much golden.
  16. Yes. Got any ideas how to make them not? If not, you're just wasting internet...
  17. A new song by the artist that came second on our eurovision selection thingy. It is an absolute banger. So much better than the song she entered with, and thus propably the best song we have ever had to not qualify as result... It just kicks patootie! And in the case of someone wondering about the lyrics... they are kinda dirty... naughty... yet so much in the spirit of 21st century.
  18. % is irrelevant any form of cometogether is irrelevant why are you here, reading this thread? go away, be something untraceable in the long run. please.
  19. I wish there were a option, that would guarantee at least 3v3 matches. I have no interest in 1v2's or 1v1's. They're such a niche thing that I would prefer to have a chance to opt out from such things. In fact, I rather stay in the FC than take the risk ending up in such bullshoot match. If the game presents me with "call backup?" I will call for backup. I have no delusions of grandeur about my abilities, and even if I get a fresh "out of the box trainee", I can at least use him/her as cannon fodder. Then again, this isn't the only problem with matchmaking, problems of which are made worse by dethreaters and such having effect on it in the grand scheme of things.
  20. I hate the fact that rust gives you a random sex/size char and you're stuck with it. It's a shitty design. If something is random, it should be random over and over again, not permanent like 2nd birth or something. EULA / TOS Read them. It's all buried in there. For an anonymous individual who doesn't want to get unbanned, you're making a hell of a lot excuses. --- What comes to the topic and OP, remains to be seen how effective and for how long the new-old (or is it old-new?) anti-cheat will be. Not holding my breath, as the game and it's ancient engine are pretty much leaking like a colander when it comes to staying afloat on top of what the few remaining cheat providers can bother to cobble together. And why on earth would some debil spend actual money on private cheats or the precious time coding them for oneself at this time and age?
  21. I think most of the annoyance with explos comes from the fact that you unlock them pretty late in progression. They never had ability to try them out, but died several times to them. The occasional weekend warrior with fresh account has no clue on what's happening around, has little to no money at all to lease guns and is most likely bewildered by stuff that goes boom and costs so many apb$ for one sales unit of ammo. And when used effectively, they can be a real pain in the neck in certain mission types/locations if your team is organized like few clueless addicts looking for next fix.
  22. Should I dart left or right? That IS THE question.
  23. If you need to ask this, you know you'll be screwed.
  24. In my dark and miserable brain, it kinda turned into closed alpha when it comes to being able to choose how and what aspects of it to play etc.
  25. I got turned salty, when 2 minutes before gettin out of "potentially naughty -box" (needing to have followed at least 20 min to say something in the chat) i was shoved into another naughty box (needing to have followed 45 min to say something in the chat). At the moment i feel just toxic. Inside and outside.
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