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  1. by cancerous i am talking about matchmaking , and the weapons. etc..... people is at the end of mind don't really care... i'll only consider coming back until 3.5 to check it out, and eventually coming back when matchmaking is good..... and weapons are balanced... can't really stand the current state of the game not that i even liked it 4 years ago, i am playing since 2012..... i only came back when i heard about LO buying the shits that G1 are...
  2. So after coming back and playing for about a month, the game is just as cancerous as it was 4 years ago.... now with the new update shotguns are so freaking annoying i can't stand playing this silly person game anymore. Bye.
  3. Don't forget that there are a lot of people who play solo , meaning communication is hard. not to mention some times you have monkeys in your team and not human beings..... most of the time there is no coordination whatsoever anyone does whatever he wants to do, and doesn't give two shits. you gotta put solo players into the perspective as well cause all that is up your mind is assuming there is a Olympics team against another Olympics team.... also not to mention groups of the same clan is cancer.... against solo players.... two players of the same clan and then you have randoms, that's fine but when you have a full group of the same clan , and then monkeys on the other side where is the fun in this?whenever i get into such a match i don't care i'll sit 800m away from the objective stealing cars instead.... says the kid himself...
  4. Not saying running is bad, its just 80% of the matches where the enemy runs with it, you don't have the chance to get it back for example a 7v7 match, jese its intense , i had a volcano and several times i destroyed their cars that they were running with their objective , however there were too many to even counter, they keep coming putting it back into another car and run away..... not to mentions the monkeys we have on our team and the gods they have..... even in a freaking bronze district there was no chance for me to get it back.... some missions in game are just straight aids.... that is directly influenced by the matchmaking. i've been playing since 2012 so i know how to counter that some of the time, but most of the time its simply impossible. one match there were 3 vehicles one with the objective and 2 behind it that had 2 bugs on top with one osmaw and the other one alig.... how the hell do you counter that if you can't even get close to it with a vehicle, and if you try to hit it up from the front you die so fast...
  5. balance this silly person of a coward shit, its freaking cancerous....... i am not saying remove it, just freaking balance it.....
  6. Fix this bloody bug its been for years now in the game, where you pick up an heavy equipment and drop it walk for like 1 meter and pick it up again , which makes it much faster to transport heavy objectives by foot. and the other one for cases where you pick it up jump as far as you can and drop it and as soon as your character drops ,you pick it up again and jump again and this goes on a cycle to transport light objectives so fast.... its freaking annoying as fuck
  7. any information regarding the Unreal 3.5 and what does it exactly bring?
  8. no lag, but like sometimes you get these 500ms latency spikes which causes game to freeze for few seconds, other than that better than ever very stable
  9. Forgot it aint G1 anymore where you can get banned for saying your opinion,and i also forgot to stop sucking G1 to get privelages cause we got some proper democracy now. anyhow if it were me i'll just report it to be closed.
  10. You are no where near responsbile for threads... If you don't like it report it.... if it doesn't go against the ToS then go to sleep it aint any of your business...
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