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  1. As for an European like myself who used to play on the old Joker server, its great to have the old characters back, pretty interesting project we got here.
  2. It depends, every mouse has different shape and weight, it all comes down to personal preference, only upgrade or change if you feel like your current mouse is holding back your potential. Nothing wrong with the G90, looks like a fairly decent mouse. I'm using a G502, it was a little hard to get used to at first cause it's super heavy but now i got used to it. Don't have any problems whatsoever.
  3. The engine is the only hope this game has to stand up again, it's a fact, you're pretty much in denial if you think otherwise. The main objective of this engine is to give developers an easier time with coding so new content is released more easily, fixing bugs and above all give better optimization to our modern hardware. etc. The current engine of APB is a mess, it's a beta version of unreal engine scrapped and taped together, it's overly saturated with messy coding, whenever developers try to fix a minor bug, they end up breaking the whole game entirely. If somehow LO manage to make this game perform as well or similar as e-sports titles like CSGO, Dota 2, League of Legends, etc which are fairly easy to run games on respectable hardware, then APB can AT LEAST bring back the old numbers it used to 6 years ago
  4. True, everything looks washed out , lots of grey, looks kinda depressing but the main focus for me is the performance anyways.
  5. I hate to be a negative fuzzy bunny specially given how these changes are remotely positive to the game, i feel like it's not enough. It's not enough to bring people back, it's not enough to make new players try the game and make them stay. Appreciate what you guys are doing, adding new content to the game is good but not in this current buggy mess of an engine.
  6. Don't get me wrong LO, i think you guys were a great addition to improve this project and all but i rather have you focussed on bringing the unreal update as quick as possible for the PC version rather than wasting valuable time pushing new content for the current clunky and over saturated engine. What will this achieve ultimately? Will it expand our playerbase? Doubt it, if so... probably for a temporary period of time anyways. Just my opinion anyways, i could be wrong and stupid but yeah...
  7. First of all, running an FX 8350 with a 980 is a huge mistake, it's overkill, that FX processor is going to hold back a lot the GPU. Second, this game is CPU intensive and only uses a few cores which will limit a lot the FX's potential. The best thing you can do is overclock that CPU to at least 4.4Ghz or 4.5Ghz. I had a FX previously as well and had no issues whatsoever with the game. I had it overclocked to 4.4Ghz with a mixed settings of BUS frequency and the multiplier which is the best way to overclock these chips as it increases their single core performance substantially.
  8. I'm at day #78 and still no reply LUL
  9. Been waiting since June 29th till this date. No response yet. Ticket is regarding an armas purchase while the game was under DDOS/Maintenance so the items purchased were never delivered in-game to my character. That's about it.
  10. This is honestly stupid, making tickets based on trades. You people should already know that there's no trading system available yet so trading and getting scammed is at your own risk... This is why support is flooded with tickets and the players that actually have concerning and urgent tickets get left behind. I have a ticket regarding an Armas purchase that i made 2 months ago and still wasn't answered to this very day. This is honestly frustrating to say the very least.
  11. Same situation happened to me, i did some purchase while the game was under maintenance or being DDOS, honestly can't remember... created my ticket on June 29th, still waiting till this day for a reply. Get comfy, it'll probably take a while.
  12. Because it becomes repetitive and boring. I can't play with the same weapon for more than 30 minutes, variety is a necessity
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