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  1. As for an European like myself who used to play on the old Joker server, its great to have the old characters back, pretty interesting project we got here.
  2. It depends, every mouse has different shape and weight, it all comes down to personal preference, only upgrade or change if you feel like your current mouse is holding back your potential. Nothing wrong with the G90, looks like a fairly decent mouse. I'm using a G502, it was a little hard to get used to at first cause it's super heavy but now i got used to it. Don't have any problems whatsoever.
  3. The engine is the only hope this game has to stand up again, it's a fact, you're pretty much in denial if you think otherwise. The main objective of this engine is to give developers an easier time with coding so new content is released more easily, fixing bugs and above all give better optimization to our modern hardware. etc. The current engine of APB is a mess, it's a beta version of unreal engine scrapped and taped together, it's overly saturated with messy coding, whenever developers try to fix a minor bug, they end up breaking the whole game entirely. If somehow LO manage to make this game perform as well or similar as e-sports titles like CSGO, Dota 2, League of Legends, etc which are fairly easy to run games on respectable hardware, then APB can AT LEAST bring back the old numbers it used to 6 years ago
  4. True, everything looks washed out , lots of grey, looks kinda depressing but the main focus for me is the performance anyways.
  5. I hate to be a negative fuzzy bunny specially given how these changes are remotely positive to the game, i feel like it's not enough. It's not enough to bring people back, it's not enough to make new players try the game and make them stay. Appreciate what you guys are doing, adding new content to the game is good but not in this current buggy mess of an engine.
  6. Ok, i came across a video tutorial on YouTube that fixed these random packet losses for me, whether or not this is a temporary fix, i don't know... but so far everything is working as it should. (Note, i don't know if this works on wireless connections, so try it at your own risk) Here's what you need to do: Open up your Windows Command Prompt (Run it as an administrator) and type the following command: After that is done, close the command prompt or just simply write "exit". Now go to your Control Panel>Network and Internet>Network and Sharing Center>Change adapter settings You should be able to see your current connection and your current network adapter, right click on the one your computer is using and select properties Disable everything unnecessary, leave Internet Protocol Version 4 alone. Now click on "Configure..." then click on the Advanced tab, search for "Speed & Duplex" and set it to 100 Mbps Half Duplex, normally this option would be on Auto Now, all you gotta do is change your DNS server. Head back to your Local Area Connection Properties and select Internet Protocol Version 4's properties and change the DNS Server to; Then all you gotta do is restart your computer and hopefully the issue is resolved, if not, try using the command prompt again while the game is running and see if it works. That is all, hopefully i won't have to update this thread again. But yes, the issue is resolved, everything is working flawlessly.
  7. There's no one using my internet, just me... i'm using a wired connection. No matter what i change this problem keeps persisting. On topic: The packet loss spikes are back again. This is honestly the most frustrating thing ever... there's no other game that does this. It's impossible to play like this.
  8. Seems like the issue resolved itself for now... really strange. The only thing i did was unninstall my headset's drivers and a program called voicemeter but i doubt those were the main factors causing the issue. Will update this thread if something else is identified.
  9. Hello, i have this weird issue where i'm getting packet losses that spike all the way to 50.00+ for whatever reason..., ping is fine but the packet loss is 0.00 for a moment and then randomly spikes causing everything to lag out. It isn't my internet's fault, every other game is fine except APB. I've tried pretty much everything, re-installing ethernet drivers, reseting my router, restarting my computer, etc. Funfact: Uninstalling the game completely fixed it temporarily, i was able to play on fightclub for roughly an hour without any issues but then the issue reappeared mid way through randomly... Any ideas? The game's just not playable like this, it absolutely ruins my desire to even attempt to play it.
  10. I can confirm that i experienced this as well with a lot of more consistency, don't know if it's related to the new patch, probably not but yeah. You're not the only one.
  11. Yes, please fix this. I had 9999999999999999 in-game cash and now it's suddenly missing. I also had 9999999999999 days of premium that was also missing after my ban. Oh, and i had every lengendary weapon from each joker box, that also went missing. Please fix, thanks LO!
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