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  1. IIRC, G1 mentioned that we wouldn't notice any difference in-game after the upgrade. It would enable devs to more effectively work on fixing stuff and implementing new, though. Upgrading engine does enable new shading/post processing techniques and if you've seen preview for the engine upgrade in the past there is a significant change at'least in what was shown as for optimization that is a different story that is entirely up to what they do with the resources that they have *after reading other comments* They could structure the game to be more like instance match-making system but that does destroy the appeal of the game quite a bit (and it is alot of work) if they really are aiming for a battle royale like game it is definitely in their best interest to make it optimized for like 100 people in an instance yes There might be other ways to go about it without destroying its appeal regardless it depends on optimization now as for what the engine upgrade will entail is unknown all we can do is hope for the best
  2. I can agree with you that what LO is doing right now is more than what G1 were doing before LO took over. I remain hopeful, but sceptical. It's nice to see a veteran being vocal Apb is clearly far from perfect hence it is wonderful to see you highlighting some of its less looked upon issues Unfortunately that isn't going to simply bring apb back to life via fixing some Quality of life issues but it is definitely important What i believe little orbit is doing from a business perspective is waiting until the engine upgrade before advertising in order to have something more presentable and in the meantime working on fixing up the games basic structure Now as for when will they advertise? Will it be either unreal 3.5 or 4.0? i suspect they will probably advertise 4.0 considering they've yet to address things relative to new players obviously i would love to see the game with more population upon the release of 3.5 but i suspect they are aiming for a bit into the future Unreal 4.0 can look really good if done relatively well which is what i suspect they are betting upon Regardless this is just me being hopeful i'm well aware of how long we have been waiting for this "engine upgrade"
  3. What I find funny is how people are picking the Shredder to complain about. It's like they don't worry about a JG 2-shotting them when like 3 pellets hit from each shell. Come on... Did you know the OTW changes are adjusting the pellet damage for the JG and CSG? regardless i feel as though you're over exaggerating a bit as well as shifting the conversation and pushing aside anything i said previously This shall be the last reply i waste on you
  4. No the shredder was definitely not near the same level of range now as for in terms of drop off? probably they buffed the fire rate aswell
  5. Yeah the quick shotgun balance patch was pathetic it was like putting a band aid on something that requires actual stitches (also i didn't realize it had a faster hard damage fire rate than the ALIG until now ROFL) (3.44 seconds for 2k hard damage for the Shredder and like 4.86 seconds for the ALIG for the same damage)
  6. getting reliable kills with a .69 cqc weapon out to 25m isn't impressive? along with the added benefit of bullshoot damage shooting over cars/cover and barely touching their hitbox and getting kills? should we also talk about the hard damage it does within a short time period? 2025 hard damage within 3.44 seconds with the added bonus of a tight spread making it easy as heck to blow a car up besides that i noticed you don't even wanna acknowledge the fact that its RNG/Spread is near nonexistent when taking into account the initial pellet damage last i checked a jg/csg falls off significantly past 10m unless you're using IR3 which effectively makes it a .8 TTK and even then less pellets hit the target the farther it is IR3 is practically a waste with the JG and the CSG ends up taking probably like 4-5 shots at 20m with IR3 making it a 1.6 TTK at the very least so unless every situation revolves around the jg/csg getting within 10 meters consistently i don't see how a JG/CSG facefucks you defending the shredder is rather pathetic regardless we are getting a well needed nerf i understand that you guys simply wanna pick on a silver but this is stupid
  7. I think I used the Shredder for about a day or two before I got bored since I don't like shotguns. Nor am I a scrub. I just read the math and the stats, bro. Don't flip out on me, I'm not the one shotgunning you. Pathetic Defense/excuse you can simply use the initial video from the OP and looked at the one i linked and came to the same conclusion as me
  8. if you watched the video you could understand even "if" its TTK is the same the SPREAD isn't hence the shredder can get away with killing people by scraping their hitboxes with a couple of pellets behind cover or without cover this is mostly due to its overkill initial pellet damage and relatively tight spread
  9. Yeah, shotguns should require less aim skill. Tell me how this scenario would have played out if that guy had a shredder with whatever red mod you want aka .69/.75/.87 TTK i don't think that the oscar is a fair comparison in regards to the shredder
  10. 4x4 is not the fastest but is it fast? Yes besides that i basically agree the reason why small/fast cars like the bishada/cisco/etc.. are inferior is mostly due to collision/physics and the other factor is whether or not it will get blown up in one hit by a conc/osmaw getting flipped due to bad collision/physics enroute to an objective can be a deciding factor as to whether or not you win or lose
  11. In contrast to the default LMGs Shaw/Alig which have a movement penalty running a secondary is practically mandatory with them
  12. overall reading this at a glance can be misleading perhaps replace +30% HP /OR 30% Damage Reduction My Suggestion based upon yours +30% HP /OR 30% Damage Reduction Grenades are disabled -12.5% /OR -10% Sprint&Run Speed and maybe they could implement a reduction of some sort for Moving while shooting otherwise this could be abused Removing Secondary would be overkill and just make the medusa and other variants alike it OP Fragile (Stealth) - +14% Run Speed - +14% Sprint Speed - You won't be shown on enemy radar when you shoot / You won't be shown on enemy radar when you shoot with your secondary and shoot with your primary weapon when crouching - -14% HP Fragile (Athletic) - +14% Run Speed - +14% Sprint Speed - You can jump higher - Climb ladders and fences faster - -14% HP Neat but making the game faster pace than it already is isn't really necessary (obviously not faster in regards to Run&Sprint but in terms gameplay style) and i feel like it leans more towards benefitting people that esp but you could disregard that also perhaps they should rename it Light Vest to fit more in line with Flak Vest to make a little bit more sense as for clotting agent idk maybe Medical Vest keep it simple My Suggestion rather simple Fragile - +14% Run Speed - +14% Sprint Speed - +1 /OR 2 Grenades - -14% HP and perhaps a little something more but i'm unsure as to what would be fair at this moment in time
  13. Excuse me i started writing it up before you did the Edit now i shall edit mine to briefly add something about it
  14. This sounds like some foolish logic just because "you" can't come up with a better idea on the spot there is clearly no other solution besides nerfing everything else Is this how society progresses??? Rofl I'm done with this thread if i care enough to insert a suggestion for kevlar i will simply make a thread in the suggestion section for it Besides that i think they have better things to be working on than green mods
  15. Quite frankly this a waste of time to rebalance already well functioning mods I Disagree strongly that clotting agent is the only "real" option I see all of these mods in play rather often which reinforces my opinion. Clotting Agent is just a well rounded option with no real downside besides lacking the benefits of other green mods which is a sufficient downside in my experience Everything has its pros and cons apb is a game that has a variety of situations in which one would find one mod or weapon better than the other generally dependent on the opposition loadout in conjunction with the Location&Objective Lets break down some of your loosely made opinions or rather suggestions "Fragile health is just where it should be although i would not mind a 30% health penalty if it meant a 30% speed increase." -Issue with this suggestion is a 30% penalty would put the threshold for death within the one shot range of HVR/JG/CSG even if those weapons didn't exist you would be at a significant disadvantage TTK wise with specific weapons that benefit greatly from a 30% reduction -Besides that we could complain about Hitreg(Maybe) or just point out the fact that players can already run relatively fast even without the current Fragile Value and that doing a change like this would probably just make apb more of an arcadey game and just making the game harder to balance in "general" (AKA ObjectiveTime/TTK/Damage/LevelDesign) "Flak jacket needs a serious improvement too. When i equip flak jacket, i want my enemies to STOP EVEN TRYING explosives. They'd still be able to down me with actual skill if flak jacket granted up to 70% explosive reduction (or 66% maybe.) What baffles me with the current flak jacket is that getting hit by all grenades of any kind WILL KILL YOU ANYWAY (or stun you in the case of stun nades)" -No flak jacket is not a "make an entire class of weapons irrelevant Mod" do you think this increases the variety of gameplay in this game by eliminating one form of gameplay with a single mod? -"grenades of any kind WILL KILL YOU ANYWAY" do you want grenades to be completely irrelevant? do you want explosive damage to do Zero Damage? "Kevlar doesnt feel like a good protection and clotting agent gives you the same 1300 health if you just wait between shots or behind cover. Use your A/B testing on OTW to figure out some good numbers but i believe Kevlar 3 should grant up to +45% health so you can at least resist the overdamage of most weapons." -Kevlar is one of those mods that you don't see in play with higher skilled players very often Not to say you can't use it but the speed penalty is the biggest reason people don't use it due to the fact that if you die getting back can be an significant issue and running slower puts you at an disadvantage at completing Objectives and in some cases gives another player complete control over you depending on the location due to speed -"i believe Kevlar 3 should grant up to +45% health so you can at least resist the overdamage of most weapons." This is basically a pointless change Kevlar 3 already gives you a significant advantage over another player with the same skill assuming you fight them straight on -Kelvar 3 is probably the least used mod hence it does gain to benefit from a change of some form unfortunately i don't think that your suggestion is even remotely good for the game "Alternative suggestion: Currently medspray is a consumable which works great with non-CA green mods. However it is a limited ressource and you do not earn enough of them. On top of that new players really don't have easy access to consumables, because most mission rewards will grant you decals at low ranks. So please give us an option to buy and sell consumables or give us better ways of earning them. I would 100% sell my 400 boomboxes to buy 200 medsprays." "Currently medspray is a consumable which works great with non-CA green mods." -Yes but some people prefer other yellow mods aswell Shields/AmmoSupply and in some cases Epinephrine Shields: Can give you a chance to turn a situation in your favor when you're caught in the open Besides that they can also be used to block ladders or doorways which can be rather useful if used correctly Ammo: It allows you to substitute field supplier for some thing else RemoteDeto/Blowtorch/Spotter all of which can be rather useful depending on the objective Nade spamming is also a benefit and the option to resupply without being Restrained Epinephrine: It's mostly only good for clutching/rushing objectives but it can also be used to outplay an opponent if used/timed appropriately Now as for Medspray it is a decent alternative to Clotting agent but you gotta keep in mind that it isn't the end all be all as i've listed the benefits of other yellow consumables as for the limited consumables i would definitely be interested in trading in consumables for other consumables based upon personal preference Besides that suggestion i would be interested in making them functionally identical to Orange mods with their own cooldowns without the consumable factor
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