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  1. Then start investing your time into "reading". As the Moderator said: It is not fully finished. So be patient. You can start complaining if something is finished and not before anything happens
  2. Well, its same as the matchmaking. Everyone wants a rework but nobody does it. It is always "After the Engine Upgrade". Well. Have fun waiting, but it gets pushed into the future all the time
  3. So actually. There is everything in it what I actually need. But some pictures just got such a bad quality. 34kb pictures with a res of like 86x86. Its hard to copy from that. So if anyone has good pictures of "Joker Ammo", Ophelia Customs, Birth, ETC ETC. then... be free to add them here or send me a pm.
  4. Hello Guys, so as I wanted to make APB related symbols and there are banners, symbols, advertisments all over the place I was wondering if anyone knew where they are located so I can "copy" them, well kind of. I just want to make symbols as close as possible to the original and screenshotting ingame in a perfect angle, etc. is just ... stupid. Anyone knows more? As I am really bad in "data mine" into games. Thank you guys!
  5. But well. What else should he do? He can`t progress in the game (and it is implemented and possible). Should he dethreat? This thread here or dethreat, which results in another thread about these dethreaters.... its a circle @CookiePuss And as dethreating is "not allowed" this is the only way for him to "progress"
  6. McRabbiton


    Changed password too. You need to login manually after you started the game with steam
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