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  1. Then start investing your time into "reading". As the Moderator said: It is not fully finished. So be patient. You can start complaining if something is finished and not before anything happens
  2. Well, its same as the matchmaking. Everyone wants a rework but nobody does it. It is always "After the Engine Upgrade". Well. Have fun waiting, but it gets pushed into the future all the time
  3. So actually. There is everything in it what I actually need. But some pictures just got such a bad quality. 34kb pictures with a res of like 86x86. Its hard to copy from that. So if anyone has good pictures of "Joker Ammo", Ophelia Customs, Birth, ETC ETC. then... be free to add them here or send me a pm.
  4. Hello Guys, so as I wanted to make APB related symbols and there are banners, symbols, advertisments all over the place I was wondering if anyone knew where they are located so I can "copy" them, well kind of. I just want to make symbols as close as possible to the original and screenshotting ingame in a perfect angle, etc. is just ... stupid. Anyone knows more? As I am really bad in "data mine" into games. Thank you guys!
  5. But well. What else should he do? He can`t progress in the game (and it is implemented and possible). Should he dethreat? This thread here or dethreat, which results in another thread about these dethreaters.... its a circle @CookiePuss And as dethreating is "not allowed" this is the only way for him to "progress"
  6. Can`t implement a matchmaking system with no players to match ^^ Only chance is to get a higher population in my opinion
  7. Answer the troll.... why not. Reveal does not mean that you are able to play it or see gameplay. Its announced. People kind of know whats going on and how it is looking like. What would you call it? Its too much for just an announcement. Cheers
  8. McRabbiton


    Ip bans and hardware id bans would result in a more and more shrinking playerbase. So normal bans would be "preferable" probably
  9. McRabbiton


    Well just look at Apex. They introduced hardware bans and banned hundred thousands of cheaters. But they are all complaining now. Depending on the playerbase apb can just go with an auto ban to who cheats right at the moment. Ip and hardware... sadly not the best option Cheers
  10. Well. They are. First priority is engine update and riot mode. And dont tell me that riot mode is unneccesary. Literally people said that EU is not enough. And the nekrova merge is needed for the update. I think they are doing a great job. And they probably got so many plans for the future. Dont worry.
  11. Well. My squad is literally hunting them down. But whats even worse is that people ignore mobile radar tower which is even more useful. But who watches the radar anyways right?
  12. First of all please use "." Or "," Since there is the pc "world" and the console "world" I am assuming (since i dont know) that you will be able to log in normally
  13. McRabbiton


    So you would prefer to play with americans, even though the distamce would make them have 200ms ping? Ok. Well. You are free to join NA servers if you think language>ping
  14. Well maybe its because i am sick at the moment. Maybe because atleast 5 persons create such a topic everyday. Even if you goal was to be funny. Next to all these people you just look like "another one". Cheers Love your watermelon
  15. Isnt that half of the forum population? Well. Maybe i will start an apb guide on every gun. Upgrade. Car. Etc. It seems like apb needs this
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