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  1. 2 years have passed since the creation of this theme... Unfortunately, during this time the APB is no longer interesting to me. A lot of hated players, including on the forum.
  2. It's a partial victory, congratulations!
  3. No wonder there is a saying: "hope dies last"...
  4. You are chatbot? Probably nothing will save the APB from cheaters, which I'm tired of...
  5. APB Administration acknowledged the existence of the triggerbot. Hallelujah!
  6. What's the problem with Steam achieve? Ho-ho-ho... 2014... 2015...
  7. I think, not so hard to add option > adjusting/regulation the theme sound after your death. Someone create a list of interesting ideas for the game...
  8. What right do you have to insult me? Why did you decide that the opinions of other players are similar to yours? Other players opinions about the APB important to you? You describe the situation for PvE games. Maybe for this reason the game is constantly dying. To my mind, from you absolute negative about players and APB... You use the fact 95% of players do not come to the APB Forum. And I'm no longer interested in being here.
  9. What is it a screenshot from dinosaur era with R195? ))) Who knows, maybe all of these criminal players are also with gold threat. You must understand that one case is not indicative. Or do you propose to immediately remove from APB those who have a gold threat?
  10. Great idea! Hide threat for players and remove limit on entry to districts by threat. Only system know about players threat for make matchmaking in game. About "psychologically damaging" - it's true. This is the same as returning to display player death statistics to the game.
  11. You think it's normal when in PvP game APB have players separation? It is very ugly of you to select my text from a logical message context...
  12. Playing with the weak players you will not learn anything. Experience comes from difficulties. Now many players deliberately reduce threat and go to silver/bronze districts - this is not a existing terror? But Im write (this topic) about other problem. New players and players like me can't progressive in game with contacts. For example, how I open "Low-Yield Fragmentation Grenade" or other game content if my progress in contacts standing still? Please, read this topic. I think, maybe its for players like you -
  13. Its very interesting. SPCT advises me to leave the game if I can't up progress contact in game. This is the best answer to solve the situation. No play - no problem. Excellent! Thank you!
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