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  1. All i want for xmas is updates to the game. Save the events for when game is healthier.
  2. I just got my son to bed, looks like the event was only 45 minutes. Rip.
  3. Friendly fire on vehicles is really creating an issue as well. If my friend is on another team, I can sit in my teams spawn and blown up their vehicles as they try to leave. Making it much easier for my friends team to win.
  4. Just realized Matt said BE is banning hackers. Community says all the players are gone. 2+2=all players are hackers.
  5. I still have the box and disc for hellgate. What a game! That died way too early.
  6. upload as "unlisted" on youtube. Only people you send the link to can view it then. No name and shame. Good luck
  7. Vnight, comments saying which server, i think they mean which district. Waterfront or financial. Both maps are vastly different. As far as pinpointing the machine you're referring to, try standing near the machine and look in the bottom right by radar, it will tell you the street you're on.
  8. Didn't some rainman do the math on this a while ago to disprove it was p2w?
  9. A vpn i ran in 2015 was giving me an error whenever i tried to login to apb. Don't remember much of the details about which vpn it was. But i do rememeber getting the login error a bunch until i turned it off. That was also 3 years ago, so all of this could be irrelevant.
  10. He had the best run and the craziest trick, everyone in the event agreed on that. Thats a fact. Brandon killed it.
  11. I just chugged a redbull, I'm ready to flip some cars.
  12. A short video with all the basic info about the new trading system.
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