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  1. Repair did not fix the issue. But the issue has resolved itself now (since the APB Launcher itself was Updated)
  2. Wasn't the beta supposed to be up by now? Can't log in.
  3. Bad timing for a network outtage. Now people won't be able to finish up the Halloween event before it ends tomorrow.
  4. Fair enough. However, it ain't much better during Peak-times either, as you can see here: https://imgur.com/a/fUMxvo0 Now we even got two Bronze Districts, with a decent amount of players in it, (but the Districts for Silver/Golds are still pretty much empty). People who DT on purpose can actually pick whether they want to play Financial, or Waterfront during peak hours, the rest of us can't. (There's some people in Fight Club, but meh). And that's at 6:35 PM in the time zone of the server (Dallas).
  5. Sure, some players would quit/rage quit because they lost a match, but that's like every game ever made (and not unique to APB). It is however, true that a lot of players are leaving APB because they are unable to find a match, so they get bored and leave, which is very understandable. The threat segregation is also being abused by players who purposely DT so that they can go to Bronze, which kind of defeats the purpose of having the segregation (this wasn't really much of an issue before segregation). @Amayii Thank you for moving it to the correct section.
  6. Not for the same reason though, it's basically the same reason as the Gold Districts are empty, people just don't want to play there. So they DT, and join the Bronze. This creates a problem where a lot of people aren't able to play anymore, which would go away, if they do away with the Threat segregation. Or to put it in a different way, more people are leaving the game because they are unable to play, compared to people who leave because their OP is better than they are.
  7. Barely anyone plays the Weapon-test Districts, people do play the regular Action Districts.
  8. As it is right now "real" Bronzes have no choice but to play against said Dethreaters. Without Threat segregation, there would be a mixed bag of Bronzes, DT'ers and actual Silver/Golds in every mission. Now this may sound horrible at first, but would actually make the matches more even for both teams. Sure, the matchmaking makes mistakes every now and then. and makes matches uneven. But this happens in Silver/Gold Districts too, and is down to the Matchmaking, and not Threat segregation.
  9. Not sure where you get the idea that Bronze is gonna disappear, there's a lot of players in Bronze, who DT'ed on purpose, so they can play in Bronze. This basically means that Golds are already in Bronze, as of today.
  10. Contrary to popular belief, It's not gonna die out any faster.
  11. I doubt it would disappear, since half the people playing in Bronze right now, are high-Ranked players (who DT'ed on purpose, to go to Bronze).
  12. Sadly, half the people in Bronze, are high-Rank players (R200+ who DT'ed on purpose to play in Bronze). That gives us two good reasons to not have Threat Segregation.
  13. Title says it all. Game is actually completely unplayable for the most part, as it is now. I get it Little Orbit, you want the game to die out, but i'm sure the players don't. https://imgur.com/a/1LfKi36 A lot of players seem to get this wrong, so let me set this straight. Way more people are leaving the game because they are unable to find someone to play with/against, compared to people who leave because their OP is better than they are.
  14. Graphics cards were actually more popular back in the day than today, which you can tell by the pricing of GPU's today. In 2010 (when APB was released) you could buy a GeForce GTX 480/580 (which was the top dog GPU's in 2010) for only 499 dollars. A top of the line GPU today, like the RTX 2080ti starts at 999 dollars. Last generation of GPU's with "normal" pricing was back in 2012 (GTX 680 at 499 dollars). GPU prices being driven up like that means that sales have gone down by quite a bit since then.
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