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  1. I hv HDD and Windows 8, it's not a drive issue as all other games run fine. I will try some tweaks as mentioned above, if nothing works then i hope they release new engine soon as they promised or atleast a patch.
  2. Ok thanks for update I started playing after a few months maybe missed something. Still freezing is another issue
  3. I made a post in bugs forum but m not sure it will be checked that's why updating one here too. First of all the /who command dont work anymore as its meant to be. Earlier it used to tell us all player names and their faction that are in district, now it only tells about friends. This dont make any sense as we can check it already by opening friend list,is this a bug or a feature? Second thing is my game keeps freezing for 5 secs randomly every 10 mins and this is frustrating as i die most of time due to this. My specs are, Core i5 3450 processor, 16gb ram, gtx 1050 gpu, Windows 8 os and pretty nice internet. I don't have any idea whts causing the issue as all other games run fine in ultra settings. Please fix these issues, except this little orbit doing a great job with apb.
  4. Hi first of all i want to say little orbit doing well with this game but still it needs some optimisation. My game keeps freezing for 5 secs randomly every 10 minutes and due to this most of time i end up dead. My specifications are, Processor - Intel core i5 3450, Ram - 16GB, Gpu - Nvidia gtx 1050 2gb and Windows 8 os. I really don't know whts the real issue as all other games run fine in ultra settings and i hv a nice internet. Please fix this issue its really frustrating.
  5. Needs a big friendlist, ignorelist extension is ok but not necessary tbh
  6. Armas daily events must come back that used to give joker box reward after completion, Also it will be nice if free roam events come back like The Butcher. Armas events used to give GM joker boxes but they were removed long time ago.
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