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APB keeps freezing

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Hi first of all i want to say little orbit doing well with this game but still it needs some optimisation. My game keeps freezing for 5 secs randomly every 10 minutes and due to this most of time i end up dead. My specifications are, 

Processor - Intel core i5 3450, Ram - 16GB, Gpu - Nvidia gtx 1050 2gb and Windows 8 os. I really don't know whts the real issue as all other games run fine in ultra settings and i hv a nice internet. Please fix this issue its really frustrating. 

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had this issue with other games with decent pc, but Ive used old type hard "Winchester", right now chasing on HDD performance, iobit smart defrag (this choose as have GAME optimisation, no need wait until whole hard to defrag), no results yet, at some games do those freezes all time at several stages (csgo when enemy kill me 99%) this make sense on defrag as can slow file readings.
APB currently on SSD no issue


***Update: yes fragmentation did helped to get out micro freezes.

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1. try to use lowest possible setting that wont crash the game (check if it helps)

2. use this new function in graphical options / advanced (first position) - check if it helps

2,5. use flaws configs (almost all files, removing muzzle sounds and others cpu/gpu/drive hungry staff)

3. turn off vivoxvoiceserviceprogram from processes (or even replace this file with empty one in game files)
4. its engine issue and cant be fixed b4 UE3.5 because of wrong catching files in RAM and read from drive

ps. i have stutters on lowest possible and do all this staff + i got game on PCIe SSD (read/write ~3Gbps) so its not drive issue

where b4 i can easly play on maxed out settings in advanced apb launcher (so above game max settings) with 80-100 fps now i stays at 101 but with strange jumps below 20 fps

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If you're using an HDD and running the game on Windows 10 you probably have that 99% disk usage error. 

There are many ways to fix this problem and some might work for you, some might not. It's just a matter of playing with the variables until you find something that works.

I suggest, first off:

Disabling "Windows Search" and "Superfetch". I'm pretty sure you can turn those off in the task manager (ctrl+alt+supr > task manager) and you'll be good to go, but it's better if you go into the config and completely disable them. 

If that doesn't work, then:

Performing some disk checks. Defrag it, update the drivers, you know, all that. 

Buying an SSD drive. This should fix the stuttering and loading times everywhere. You can get a 120gb SSD for really cheap, for your O.S. and a few games that requiere using an SSD, and use your HDD for the rest of your stuff. 


Please note that these solutions only apply if you're currently using an HHD for your O.S. and games. These things worked for me and now i'm able to play with a decent loading time and no stuttering, but results may vary.


Good luck. 

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I hv HDD and Windows 8, it's not a drive issue as all other games run fine. I will try some tweaks as mentioned above, if nothing works then i hope they release new engine soon as they promised or atleast a patch. :classic_huh:

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unusually too long to load from launcher to login, tested on 2 different SSD, both are same, seems issue hidden at main code of game * . exe, since SSD unable load faster than HDD I'm not going to investigate a case untill a game code will be fixed.
2018 lots of engines till today fixing issues...

UDK: Stable release

4.20.3 / September 19, 2018; 40 days ago

Hußmann, Heinrich (October 2012). "Realtime Interactive Architectural Visualization using Unreal Engine 3.5" (PDF). Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.
so a game stuck on 2012 year, we are 2018, 6 years in past.

sorry I'm unable to afford all game issues, only I can do is -> Battleye expierence with developers. Any issues came out of game I'm not going to explore! 
 if any cheat detection connected to AHK I would be happy help but not any connection to game engine, sry I'm not developer and unable count all expensives.

BTW, if You load a game to login, and a wait a bit you can recon there is micro-freezes while looking at login menu and game rotatintg around.
vivox not an issue
all advanced disabled

even resolution 1024x768 still micro-freezes.
better create a hack what could solve this issue than play with em.


other issues will be gone if developes a push to UE 4+ today!

my opinion: if by december 2018 game not updated up to 4+ UE, MY OWN principal decision is to leave.
a @MattScott know it.

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