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  1. Boot safe mode and rolle back settings to default. disable vsync nvidia settings and in a game then Remove in game settings "smooth frame rate" = Max fps
  2. @kokejn pls google what is DDOS atk and is possible protect from it?
  3. Dahel

    My game is too dark

    tech, yeah, nVidia control panel 1. ->>>> Adjust desktop colour settings 2. Choose how to colour is set. -> Brightness to 100% -> Contrast to 100% -> gamma to 2.80 3. Apply the following enchancements -> Digital vibrance to 100% any feedback?
  4. Dahel

    My game is too dark

    like that
  5. Dahel

    APB causing PC restart

    yes! replace decent Thermal Paste to your CPU at first. please replace it "decent" way - as should be. * no one will warn ya if there critical point of temperature, M.B. instant restart to prevent any DMG caused by heat.
  6. Dahel

    FPS Lock?

    hey there, did ya changed nVidia setting as global Vsync to be off? you don't need find APB at nvidia system contol at all, your control all em via global settings, BTW off all filterings at global settings as can cause degradation of FPS. key here is "manage 3d setts" -> "GLOBAL" settings. "Locked" by nVidia global setts
  7. Try increase audio sets in desktop for abp and if have any softwqre what have control over sounds max em there. feedback?
  8. Dahel

    Cant launch game

    well you should read error from beginning .net framework missing issue so silly
  9. here is image I've tried place my Seiyo, but system warned there no space for it. car xyz + dimensions. same if car placed right side of park - error. FIX needed.
  10. Dahel

    Trash talks

    @Asparii @Lixil n1 clearly controlled with "Home" button just now paid attention on it and adjusted chat whatever my needs. chat where only visible: clan combat system vehicles whisper event gifbox challenge
  11. Dahel

    Trash talks

    @Lixil never tested in this game ^_^ - need tests just shout
  12. Dahel

    game still broken

    @TheSxW sry you should, I've had good lesson but I'm bad at net (still learning)
  13. file name? - location? results after? *I'm sorry but this file name not exist in a game, seems somebody been malware ya, try use: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Additionally, a system reboot might be required after doing so. (c) Beye
  14. Dahel

    Trash talks

    @Lixil there was a way, eliminate all chats in game and leave filter only @missions @technical (a way I mean forces, deleting UI from game files or alternative ways... user side) I would off all chat but leave -missions -technical (admin msg) -private msg -clan msg
  15. Oh, if can get remote access at weekend to ur pc I can scan all hdd for these signatures and kick out that file. But I need one tool on ur board be4 start if u wish kill it. I use deep scans results are 100%