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  1. Any copyrights effected? Should ask developers first...mmm Dont forget bullet proof n nitro mods
  2. Dahel

    APB keeps freezing

    unusually too long to load from launcher to login, tested on 2 different SSD, both are same, seems issue hidden at main code of game * . exe, since SSD unable load faster than HDD I'm not going to investigate a case untill a game code will be fixed. 2018 lots of engines till today fixing issues... UDK: Stable release 4.20.3 / September 19, 2018; 40 days ago Hußmann, Heinrich (October 2012). "Realtime Interactive Architectural Visualization using Unreal Engine 3.5" (PDF). Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. so a game stuck on 2012 year, we are 2018, 6 years in past. sorry I'm unable to afford all game issues, only I can do is -> Battleye expierence with developers. Any issues came out of game I'm not going to explore! if any cheat detection connected to AHK I would be happy help but not any connection to game engine, sry I'm not developer and unable count all expensives. BTW, if You load a game to login, and a wait a bit you can recon there is micro-freezes while looking at login menu and game rotatintg around. vivox not an issue all advanced disabled even resolution 1024x768 still micro-freezes. better create a hack what could solve this issue than play with em. other issues will be gone if developes a push to UE 4+ today! my opinion: if by december 2018 game not updated up to 4+ UE, MY OWN principal decision is to leave. a @MattScott know it.
  3. Dahel

    APB keeps freezing

    had this issue with other games with decent pc, but Ive used old type hard "Winchester", right now chasing on HDD performance, iobit smart defrag (this choose as have GAME optimisation, no need wait until whole hard to defrag), no results yet, at some games do those freezes all time at several stages (csgo when enemy kill me 99%) this make sense on defrag as can slow file readings. APB currently on SSD no issue ***Update: yes fragmentation did helped to get out micro freezes.
  4. Dahel

    Ran out of memory

    Try change filtering to off. had this error since adjusted video setts, for me caused filterings. Another temp solution - removing all cores n left only one #0, while game run
  5. Dahel

    video game gambling

    add on: they unable classified "video gaming" and "gambling". it is should be one of em, so far I know. time will show who have beast, but money is not a factor. Thumbs up for Valve do be dismissed from boxes as dad seeking for cash. as experienced openers reported, "today cases are much lower chances than before", developer can adjust this any time at yield scale % from 0.10 to 0.00000001, but non of governors aware of this as part of garbling must be controlled coz be4 they been cheating to trick customer money to profit. L.O. should recon this and counter act, positively of course. *** my self: no activity in a game 1. ive been scammed for 5ml in game support team drop me down ( unacceptable, sry I've had witness on this deal but ya team ignored me with my proofs ). 2. unable see update up to 4.0 UE to date 2018 December as owner promised. 3. they can change anytime again terms so players can be stand alone with loss as I had
  6. Dahel

    video game gambling

    just let ya know for those who not aware, UK, EU and US organisations team up to tackle video game gambling European regulators 15 countries and one US state team up to fight gambling in video games
  7. Dahel

    Failed to create D3D9 device...

    https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/fix-failed-to-create-d3d9-device/ check dxdiag also
  8. Who said it is mouse wheel... Several manipulations with knowledge of programming able to play with ff and beye, macrosing xyz pixel controls. Fight with them only one way, recognition xyz control as they repeats, non of anticheat so far did research about it, if would temp ban for days weeks. good example cg go overwatch, therms of slow motion reveals macrosing as can see xfire jumps right distance and right timing, only software can detect as too fast movements. (c) expierence macro/scripting since 2001
  9. Dahel


    Download client from g1 n use login n pw simple
  10. Dahel

    Game not even Launching

    Paste here, ppl from community can help right now what dxdiag show
  11. 120 seems not bad but if any one of those hops will have latency higher than 120 u can be disconnect by beye, by the way I cannot understand why Russian MTS have 45-79 this is inside of country and according of inside it is too high, for me. normal conditions inside of country is 20ms, best 5-8
  12. Dahel

    /who-system showing only you and your freinds

    should be hidden as players exploiting this same as with old friends list
  13. Dahel

    The State of APB

    Haha rebuild of game haha +++++
  14. Dahel

    [GAME] Reworked Weapons Menu

    Was read as remake, didnt expect photoshop. gui editing was expected
  15. Dahel

    [GAME] Reworked Weapons Menu

    what string u found to adjust it?