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  1. Dahel

    Cant Start APB

    hey boys, is they changed anti-cheat from Battleye to EasyAntiCheat? o_O this expensive user experience with this game too stressful, Little Orbit should be more clever.
  2. Google apb reloaded port forwarding, add those ports to your router try may it is all about ports
  3. Dahel


    Download client from g1 n use login n pw simple
  4. should be hidden as players exploiting this same as with old friends list
  5. @uploadead все работает?
  6. Я на работе с мобилника
  7. Странно то что не где на форуме об тех раб не отписано в дс новостях тоже, иногда тех работы занимают до 5часов
  8. Подожди часик др
  9. Вот ты леньтяй https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004113472-What-is-Error-code-8- сервера тех раб
  10. А чо гугль грит про ошибку 8?
  11. Delete those dll and drv if unable load os safe mode n delete em. Btw before deleting send dll n drv to virustotal have a look what is going on with em, may malware inside
  12. Issue with cpu sound like, run game, alt tab, at taskmngr fing abp exe right click, there is option to control thread of cpu, unchech all except #0 apply go back and see whats different. Sometimes cause chipset drivers not installed for mobo. who did build a pc? Prebuild or you did it. I would not recommended os 10 as MS added too much useless software I count em as malware, at several conditions can cause serious performance issue.
  13. Dahel

    FE LAG!!

    Hi, sry but its ABP Reloaded subforum u have to scroll down
  14. Dahel

    Login Failed

    Error Code 8 usually means that the servers are down for maintenance 1 Start the APB Launcher 2 Click Options 3 Click Repair I've connected to Citadel just now. Did ya tried connect to OTW (test server). it is may down for maintenance
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