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  1. ManHood506

    i .....regret

    well, I bought 33 joker boxes and not a single one with N-TEC "Ursus" I feel scammed, I am full of regret..............can I undo it?
  2. ManHood506

    [PC] Patch 1.19.7 discussion

    in the epidemic event, is the team-play cross-faction?
  3. **crabs the popcorn** watch how the thirsty flies flock now.................wait... hold on, no!
  4. Name : ManHood506 I had to make someone take my pics cuz i got a Potato pc. (you can see the FPS when I set it to high )
  5. ManHood506

    Any plan on fixing Battleye's 'client not responding'?

    well, I tried to solve it with closing chrome or discord it usually works but the issue is still there and sometimes I rage quit cuz of it so.................yeah fix it, fix it for the sake of my poor table.
  6. ManHood506

    Backup in deathmatch

    are you sure? did it happen multiple times? cuz to me I use the radio and it shows that there is an enemy on their radar and keeps them paranoid and keeps me focus on one side of a building
  7. ManHood506

    Battleeye kick "client not responding"

    hi, I just got this thing when I tried to join a district I want to get to level 195 and buy a car surfer note: I left my laptop running before the update and it was on the main menu ( if that changed things ) - update: day 3 no admin have solved my s*** , I CAN'T F***ING PLAY MY BELOVED GAME !!!!
  8. ManHood506

    Reporting a trashbag

    I was playing minding my own biz when I got on a mission with a spy on our team telling them where we are and killing us, how do I know you ask? well one of them travelled 300m to kill me near a contact! after giving up on the 4vs2 thing ALSO not a single shot was fired from his gun on an enemy. his name is ( sunmutsisoli ) it might have been a stolen account due to it having no mods in it. but he is surely 100% A**H***
  9. ManHood506

    Error code 9 after Direct X reinstall

    alright, I was looking for a morning raid so i can grind but ...*sigh*
  10. ManHood506

    Error code 9 after Direct X reinstall

    BUT I am in Cetidal EU
  11. ManHood506

    Error code 9 after Direct X reinstall

    I can't log in into my account 1. I allowed it thru the firewall 2.rebooted my modem(my phone) 3. I restarted the game. one thing is I use Advanced APBLuncher and when I updated the game it downloaded Direct X and installed it and after that, the error code 9# started showing up. is it the server or me? I couldn't find anything about server nor game update. so I assumed it was me so, please help me. I will Repair the see if it works.
  12. does it show the loading screen ? or the character selection not showing your character & money & JP &hours?
  13. ManHood506

    I cant enter my acc

    I got the same problem no joker points not money and I can't skip the character's loading screen by pressing ENTER, PLEASE help us and fast!