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  1. ManHood506

    Payment problems

    I can't pay with visa/MasterCard option it takes me to Paymentwall with an empty white screen on every platform (android and pc). I won't pay via PayPal because it's stealing my money for no apparent reason and the tax % is too damn high!. Paymentwall option takes me to Fasterpay and it keeps asking to login once I log in it logs me out for (again) no damned reason ( rinse and repeat ). I can't spend a single dime which is good and bad at the same time because it saves me money and also I need those featured items. Please help me.
  2. alright, I was looking for a morning raid so i can grind but ...*sigh*
  3. I can't log in into my account 1. I allowed it thru the firewall 2.rebooted my modem(my phone) 3. I restarted the game. one thing is I use Advanced APBLuncher and when I updated the game it downloaded Direct X and installed it and after that, the error code 9# started showing up. is it the server or me? I couldn't find anything about server nor game update. so I assumed it was me so, please help me. I will Repair the see if it works.
  4. does it show the loading screen ? or the character selection not showing your character & money & JP &hours?
  5. I got the same problem no joker points not money and I can't skip the character's loading screen by pressing ENTER, PLEASE help us and fast!
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