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  1. poiiken


    Yes it was. The process went really fast after i talked to the support and gave them details on my account such as "purches, character and such" . Great support!
  2. poiiken


    but the problem is that i cant change the PW that my steam use to autologin where i belive i have my characters.
  3. poiiken


    yeah im talking to them, but i was autologging in from steam, but my password did expire, and if i got to reset password and type in my steam "nickname" it says "Please check your inbox for further instructions on resetting your account's password." that i dont understand
  4. poiiken


    but how do i do that?
  5. poiiken


    Hey, i have an account that was linked with my steam. now when i try to play i need to change my password? i changed the Pw on the mail adress, but i cant access my old characters. really sux cuz i was max lvl and spent some money in the game. PlZ HELP
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