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    I like the idea of clan stats. Clans are worthless right know.
  2. Opgl op? You just run towards the enemy shooting grenades at you. They overshoot every time. While out in the open because they think they were God with that opgl, they panic and try to switch to secondary. That's when you get em.
  3. I'm okay with keeping the current ones. Maybe just a new weapon sound for the CCG. Sounds like it's shooting out Matchbox cars.
  4. Being clearer in what your issue is might net you better results.
  5. February 1 is considered early Feb. Also February 2...
  6. I hate when teammates tk others for finishing a point without opposition. They're just new players that don't know to wait.
  7. Wish I could have paused my 5 years of premium before it expired. I don't see this happening though. Not for a F2P game.
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