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  1. I never liked those max rank badges. The other ones are nice looking.
  2. Wish downvotes were still a thing.
  3. Cheeseburger!

    Remove PIG

    I think it's a fun gun. I enjoy LTL gameplay.
  4. I've sunk lots of money into this game. Not giving up so easily.
  5. I don't stay on long because I'm tired of playing the same people repeatedly. Waiting for either the Engine Upgrade or Server phasing before coming back.
  6. But... I love responding code 3 and killing the bounty.
  7. I'm really excited for new contacts. Love the idea of cross-platform Social District. These types of videos make me excited to play again.
  8. How am I supposed to play with my bronze friends?
  9. Vivox has always been really quiet for me. Even after changing windows volume sliders.
  10. I don't go any higher than the CCG "Bronth" I don't find anything higher to be worth the cost.
  11. I'm more excited for the new contacts than the engine upgrade.
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