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  1. There's blood stains and bullet holes left behind at all the locations Devil Dog's been posted up at. I miss new contacts.
  2. It's day two of this for me. Seems to be random in both social and action.
  3. I was getting kicked randomly in Social after about 5-10 min. Got kicked from Action district once during a mission and gave up to play something else after that. This only started after that latest patch.
  4. Nerf it like G1 did with the Nano, if necessary. Removing items from players will just hurt the game.
  5. I only want to join the most populated server because I will actually find opposition rather than waiting for nobody to show up. This phasing ability is just what we need .
  6. Isn't it just APB 2? Called it something else so they wouldn't lose their player base on the main game.
  7. I love the T-25 but it has no chance against the Pioneer in that poll.
  8. A revert to 100 max pop is pretty high on my wishlist. Those 20 extra people make the district feel more alive and chaotic like it's supposed to. Of course, the server/lag issue needs to be addressed first.
  9. Thats what I was thinking. G1 did announce two vehicles back then.
  10. It's called gold district.
  11. I've had bad luck and good. My first Nano took me 173 joker boxes, then my Ursus I got on my first three boxes. I've learned my lesson with joker boxes/loot crates.
  12. "How much do clothes cost in the Matrix"
  13. I have too many weed crumbs for a picture.
  14. Is this supposed to be proof of cheating? Im confused.
  15. It wouldn't be fair to the creator if anyone can just dupe their work.
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