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  1. not bad, but when you feel like you're better than everyone else for doing it it makes you pathetic. my bad if i hurt your feelings
  2. oh god, i can't stop cringing at the "oh I've spent x amount on this and that". You're really trying to flex in a game forum? No one cares about you IRL if you feel like you need to do that. You really need to find better investments if you feel comfortable spending over 200$ on a videogame, no matter how much money you have. You're actually VERY broke and it shows. Either that or your self esteem must be extremely low.
  3. no one can deny that this method of gameplay is a lot tougher for newer players to counter (unless they've bought legendaries that can counter cars, and even so it's still pretty difficult for them). However I think that once proper mission balancing and further car/weapon reworks should fix this issue.
  4. I haven't even gotten to play a ROIT match yet. Could it be lack of rewards? that's all i have to go on at this point because I haven't been able to try the gamemode. does anyone have any gripes with the gameplay itself?
  5. I think I remember hearing that a good chunk of APB's initial cost had gone into advertising I'm pretty sure it was an analysis on the game's downward trend
  6. I agree with this, having non-toxic player unable to voice their ideas and opinions because of a few bad apples (or maybe a lot of bad apples, im kinda new to the forums lol) sounds bad. I don't agree with censorship, but there should definitely be a limit on certain places especially when what's being said doesnt promote productivity in a place for suggestions and help. That doesnt mean outright denying a certian group of people from voicing these opinions because they may fall into a category of trolls, I really think there is an alternate solution to this that would have a much better outcome.
  7. There should also be a midway threat between silver/bronze and silver/gold. Because some of these dethreaters are actually far too outclassed for gold, and far too overpowered for bronze. but legitimate good golds who intentionally DT for laughs should be punished/discouraged in some way. what do you think about separate instance hosting?
  8. they could also reduce server side vehicle accuracy but client side should stay 1:1 with the vehicle your'e driving. forza, gta, and saints row does it that way and it works fine but handling seems really server side in this game. they should def have the driving less accurate on the server side to help fix the floaty handling. and toaster servers lol apb is hosted on an ipod
  9. I used to come across a plethora of APB: Reloaded reviews on youtube, and in almost all of them they mentioned car handling being an issue. I would personally like to customize the handling of my car the same way we can customize the handling of our guns. That being said there is already a REALLY cool Turbo/Exhaust customization in game. Maybe start there? have different blow off valves affect acceleration more (less lag)? have different turbos affect top speed more (bigger turbo = more boost but also more lag)? Give NA cars a weight/ response advantage? have tires affect grip and turn radius (one tire has better radius, less grip. the other has more grip, less radius, because width and all that.)? allow us to adjust turn speed for our cars in the pause menu. fix some of the physics for cars (vegas doesnt get stuck on it's side and fling itself into the air if you run over a pebble). give kits an in game function and have a way to obtain in game, but keep the base cars competitve by giving modifications drawbacks (like the real world ones but exaggerated). It would be SO cool to get a car skill counter (drive bys, drifting, near miss, jumps affected by the car youre using and the mods you have equipped cus balancing) and use xp from that to gain kits and car mods and things like that (through contact pledge or something). also, I want a little DevilDog and Tiptoe Bobbleheads for my dashboard
  10. it's because they want people who don't spend money on the game to be able to enjoy it. When I say that think about how long it took you to actually drop money into the game and realize that it's variable for everyone. On a side note: but not really a side note: I'll never spend money on a P2W game. it's the worst form of psychological manipulation. I'd rather just ditch it all together. APB wasn't P2W before and I gladly spent money on some things. But since the time that I've played they made Content that you don't pay for comparably under powered. Glad LO is taking the queues from the recent gaming news with all the lootboxes and such. If they're smart they'll remove joker boxes entirely and make the weapons purchasable outright.
  11. your signature is the most important thing in this thread
  12. Yeah you're right but that doesnt mean that if the playerbase increases we cant have it
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