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  1. wow.... are they serious ? decals are even cool , why would people even want this?
  2. NTEC user spotted , is just the truth , go ahead and say that is not the most used wep if wanna tell a blatant lie....Anyways is about the general revamping of the weapons there are and feel free to comment about the other stuff , but please let's end then ntec talk here
  3. Skateboards could be and out of mission veichle! Custom lobbies would of course be money and rankless , with the weapon balance the topic is more complex , but i feel like in the game most weapons remain unused, people always complain about guns that they don't use and feel as a threat to their mains , like for example NHVR , it has nerfed like hell and without even reason , since now looks like bullets for some magical effect lose dmg if you hip fire , but imho what people don't really want to say is that NTEC is and has been the most used ,op weapon FOOOOR a long time,they only real counter has only been hvr and that's why most people complain about it , since NTEC can easily outmatch even an OCA in close quarters since it kills simply faster, and since the range is so short is not even a problem the loss of accuracy. That said , many weapons remain unused, i would really buff a lot of them , even if it may seem ridiculous , but also make some way more precise (since ttk is slow) wouldn't harm .
  4. Hello guys, been playing apb since a long time and i will always love it but i've always felt it lacked of content ( except for fanmade stuff). Since it's going to be ported to a new engine and Little Orbit wants to relaunch it to the public and i suggest some of the following crazy and idealistic ideas: feel free to comment and discuss. Simple ones : -Queue system for joining districts. -Clan versus Clan mode and Ranking System -Open districts for when the population is low. -Diamond or Platinum rank -Some new missions types -Some new hair types -Make all weapons balanced (Too many weps remain outside the box still and counting how much variety there is , is a shame) Big Ones : -New District (absolutely must) -New type of veichle such as skateboards or bycicles. -Forge mode (Like Halo one) where one can create his custom map and mission types , allowing players to make all sorts of maps from racing to zombie matches. In proposing this last one , of course i also try to suggest some private or public (depending on host choice) custom lobby thing. (Forge and map editor would really game changer) I know they sound like crazy , but if you take at other games, it sounds doable , i would also suggest sometype of crowdfounding if there really is interest in doing this stuff. What do you say ? Do you also have also thought of stuff like this ? if yes of what sorts? Ps i underlined what i believe it has to happen yes or yes.
  5. Please, introduce queue sistem for joining servers ! Why not?
  6. It would be a non competitive mod , just for the sake of fun and being able to play with friends, it is obvious that in every game a player with a controller would be in disadvantage against a keyboard mouse player , anyways i saw people playing with keyboard and mouse from consoles.
  7. Hello , first off i really want to say that i'm glad that someone finally saw the potential of APB and started the mission to resurrect it. I really hope this goes well , but i know it will be hard work. I understand the complexity of the game's code and the effort needed to take it out of the dust and make it a real competitive game in the market. Lately i've been playing Fortnite ,not cause i really enjoy it that much (even tho after many hours i started to get in its mood) but mostly beacause of the crossplatform feature which permitted to all my real life friends ,which have some ps4 or xbox, to play with me from the PC rather than playing alone or having to meet new people online. I really think that something that could be very helpful for this game would be the same : maybe not completly crossplatform but maybe allowing some servers to be so , it could exponancially increase the playerbase. What do you think? I know most of apb community could hate it , but if it's well done i dont think people would mind if there's a crossplatform server.
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