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  1. Lowering the vehicle health while the item is in any vehicle would be a viable option without nerfing everything else.
  2. Beautiful! Glad to hear you guys are open to 100 max pop action districts. Thank you.
  3. I don't need a reminder. All crim P5's in my district should be considered terminated.
  4. The two sets of contacts released, the joker store, and Asylum. Mostly stuff from the beginning.
  5. "No Naming/Shaming If you believe someone is cheating please reach out to our support or to our GMs"
  6. You're never going to get better if you don't play against higher skilled players.
  7. I still have an LTL weapon equipped, but get a couple LTL shots on target then switch to Nano and finish the stun. But anything with stamina damage I believe.
  8. I vote to not remove it. I enjoy bounty hunting in between missions.
  9. probably not worth changing but it's a nice memorial. love the early generation ipod too.
  10. Yes, Devil Dog has moved about 3-4 times since his release.
  11. I guess 100 max pop is out of the question for now.
  12. Disabling District Chat makes the game much more enjoyable.
  13. Putting neutral players into "passive mode" would ruin the atmosphere in the game for me. I don't grief and have no problem getting griefed, it's just part of the game. plus how can I use oncoming cars as a ramp for my 4x4.
  14. I need more ignore slots too. Too many annoying district chat warriors, ear busting themes, and hackusations.
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