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  1. Someone in fight club the other day asked if anybody even looked at names and almost everyone replied no. Only time I ever do is if there is a "problem player" on the other team, someone that's doing better than the rest.
  2. Nah you've been particularly civil and I can appreciate that. And yeah lack of evidence is why I included the unedited footage afterwards to try and remedy that. I've only played against this guy once and I'm usually not close enough to see someone snap-lock like this. I honestly didn't consider this. In the moment, I thought he might still have been too far to hear it but this is a valid point.
  3. If that's the case, then it's about 40 frames (0.4 seconds) from the moment I kick the door to when I'm being damaged the first time (when he's not looking at me). Considering this lag, there should also be some sort of delay for when he sees or hears me but I won't count it, just to please you. A quick google search tells me that the average human reaction time to audio is 0.17 seconds, so 17 frames. This person is also currently dealing with another player at the time I kick the door. This person takes 0.23 seconds (0.4 - 0.17) to stop aiming at my teammate to look up about 45 degrees and about 90 degrees to the side (in one fluid motion) and fire multiple rounds into me. If he happened to be expecting me to come up at any moment, fine. I can almost accept that by itself. But the sequence of events is just way too suspicious for me to not fully believe that this was a hacker. I don't call hacks often (because if I did I'd be complaining about them more than actually playing the game) but when I do, I'm always certain of it. This genuinely made me laugh. Anyway, I've gone ahead and submitted my report. Thanks for your feedback and really hammering home that the community is toxic and full of members of the Hackers Defense Force.
  4. So the fact that he's damaging me before I even say he does is of no concern to you? I just went through my video editing program and it took him 5 frames between the muzzle flash of him firing at my teammate and him damaging me. 10 frames if you count muzzle flash to muzzle flash which, is still incredible since he's looking down and to the left, then instantly 90 degrees and on a even flooring. And due to me actually looking at a separate set of rules than the rest of you, I have removed the video from my post and submitted a ticket.
  5. I don't know if you're reading a separate set of rules but I don't see anything related to my post.
  6. I didn't know reports went there. I've never actually attempted to report someone before so I thought I'd start here. Thanks for being helpful.
  7. So I don't know where we can actually file reports (because I get zero feedback for using /report username in-game) so here is a 2 minute video of a player that I suspect of aimbot. If calling people out like this is against some sort of term, I will re-upload the video with all mentions of the player's name censored. Also I don't mean for the title to be in all-caps, it just is. Video link: removed due to rules
  8. Make sure to keep this thread updated please. I'm waiting to buy some things from ARMAS in celebration of the DDOS/mitigation issues finally being fixed as a sort of reward.
  9. I would love the music maker to be a little bit more in-depth. Specifically, the abaility to make the music (NOT themes!) able to go into 6/8 time instead if the usual 3/4 that the game is locked into. That and the ability to make a single note last longer than the two measures that we're given to work with for a single melody-line or whatever you want to call those.
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