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Found 3 results

  1. Fallen Earth Classic screenshots! Please add your screenshots from the new FEC
  2. Hi fellas! Back in the days there was a time when Jericho asked us to submit screenshots to use in the official APB Facebook page which was great as it allowed us to have some of our best screenshots of San Paro featured in their page for a week. Later when Tiggs announced they'd be working on a new media campaign she stepped this to the next level and requested us to submit screenshots too but as some sort of contest where the selected screenies would be rewarded with certain amount of G1c, besides having a picture featured in any official site of the game is already a greater reward than anything I could personally expect. This is why I have like, literally thousands of screenshots to share so I'm bringing here a small selection of these. Also lot of people submitted screenshots for both of these events and I'd like to invite everyone else to share these and any other screenshots of the game you have for everyone else to enjoy. However, we could apply similar rules: I ask you please to post only screenshots without the HUD (you press F12 to turn off the HUD) and trying to be the most representative images of San Paro and its actors, such as scenes of action, gun fights, car stunts, characters, social events, etc. Clan pictures and symbols are also ok although there's a specific thread for symbol showcasing. Let's get into it and hope you guys enjoy the eye-candy! (Warning, massive images on spoilers!) The people of San Paro:
  3. Event powered by Wave Lounge! A new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them! learn more here. End of the year meet Hello everyone, welcome to one of our events! I will just stop calling them bimonthly from now on, i just can't respect deadlines This year in APB has been quite a tough one, Wave Lounge is a family, but so is the whole APB Community, maybe we all get rage whispers, or maybe have bad days, but in the end we've all been playing that game for years, and for some, almost a decade... What is this event ? This meet is similar to the last one we did, just a laid back event, simply because, there is no reward at all. This event will simply be a car/hang out meet, with maybe some minigames, and other fun things to do, there won't be any competition, and if there is any of those, it will be a surprise ! At the end of the meet, we all hope to take a high resolution screenshot, with the citadel community, to sum up the year ! Talking about summing up the year, maybe you guys can have some creations to do so What are the rules and requirements ? The only requirement is you, you need to be a human, and be nice ! You creativity level doesn't matter, as long as you like to show or appreciate your own/other's work , you're welcome ! When and where will the event happen ? This event will happen Tuesday 31 at 20:00 UTC in Citadel Waterfront1 and last for about an hour. The meeting spot will be here on the map : Hope to see you guys here ! Here's a countdown for people that have trouble with timzeones ! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20191231T20&p0=1440&msg=Wave+Lounge+End+of+the+year+Meet&font=cursive
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