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  1. I don't have internet at the moment until monday. Message me in-game and I'll get back to you
  2. Deadly By Definition has been around for years we just haven't really done a recruitment phase besides once and it didn't last long. But due to my return to the game I am starting this back up. We are mainly a semi-competitive clan but we do like to just be random A LOT. We are recruiting only experienced gold criminals. We have a clan symbol if you would like one and we are planning to do clan vehicles depending on the recruitment outcome. If you do want in please message in-game or on here, if you do we will schedule a little tryout (we aren't picky, just don't be terrible). See you in-game. We have simple rules. Must have Discord for call outs Do not feed the trolls Do not grief or ghost Obviously don't cheat Do not harass other players Please respect officers and owner
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