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About Me

Ex-Professional Player

Activity Status: Not active at all

Over 3k+ hours experience in APB

Total kills (Account wide): 115.209 Kills - 06.07.2019


PC Specs


CPU: i7 7700K 4,5GHz

Mobo: Asus Prime Z270-A

Ram: 2400Mhz DDR4 16GB

Graphiccard: Nvidia ROG GTX 1060 6GB OC

Monitor: Asus ROG STRIX 144hz, 27 inch curved

Keyboard: Roccat Horde Aimo

Mouse: Roccat Kone Aimo

Mousepad: Roccat Taito


APB Ingame Sense


DPI: 400 (Mainly), switiching sometimes to 300

Sensitivity: 8 (Mainly), switching sometimes to 6,5/7

Marksman: 0.8


APB Records

17 total brick kills in one mission

Insane double kill with ONE brick!

125m Brick (Financial)

116m 8Ball (Financial), 121m 8Ball (Waterfront)

~88m Scout jump shot


Clans i've been in

  • Fused Inc (Status: Disbanded, Role: Member)
  • Midgard Inc (Status: Left, Role: Member)
  • Singularity (Status: Left, Role: Member)
  • Disturbed (Status: Left, Role: Co-Leader)
  • Rezistance (Status: Left, Role: Member)
  • GLITCH (Status: Active, Role: Member)


For questions, just message me ingame or directly on the Forums.

No matter which kind of question, if you want tips, how to play etc.



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