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  1. My IP is changing EU wide
  2. Hmm.. My IP changes every 24h, so i should have been banned tho then (If the IP logs get checked automaticly). Even if you would share your account with ur friend, it shouldn't be bannable.. Since it's your decision if you give ur login details to someone, why would they mind about it. If the account gets stolen it's ur problem then and not theirs haha.
  3. 21:31 Central Time.. Means in Central European Time it would be 03:31 o'clock. No wonder that no one was playing around that time from EU side.
  4. Event with this current server in NY. ~120ms. Sounds like fun...
  5. My game crashed befor i even started it.
  6. DPI: 400 Sens: 10.5 (switching sometimes between 8 - 11) Marksman: 0.7 Low sens players have more skill...
  7. Dasimoge

    LF Clan (Criminal)

    Edit// I said it wrongly haha. Would you play on Enforcer side tho?
  8. TITLE I actually wanted to make a more specify design but some symboles from me are bugging out completely on the Kantana .___. I don't if that is made on purpose but... (Look on the image below) @MattScott
  9. Heya guys, for that who want to join us, please directly contact us here on the forums or DM us in Discord. Note// Discord -> You have to join the server first to contact us due to the settings Forums (REZ Officers): @Poque @_Avanth (Avelite) Edit//: I'm not a Officer anymore, i've headed up to the Mod position. Regards, Dasimoge REZ Officer Team
  10. Must be some cheated google translation
  11. @L0pht "Error Code 10004 (The account is currently in use from another client)" Restart ur internet router and PC, should work. Edit// Or wait 30min might work too sometimes.
  12. Watch the movie "2 Guns", might help for robbery tactics..
  13. I know those steam charts already. Though let me lie, 30% is just sitting in social simulator you know. When will it go up instead of down.
  14. Another "add it to the pile" topic yay..! But what so ever, uhm.. yeah title says it actually. Is the population dropping due to that cheaters ain't getting banned? Is it dropping because we almost keep versing 24/7 the same peoples? Is it the communication between LO and the community? ..or just cause of that the "Eninge Upgrade" is not getting live. (Who cares about some graphical issueses or bugs.. Me definitly not, i finally want a 64Bit APB version) I guess that was all what got in my mind while being bored ha ha.. ha..
  15. Cheaters in APB? Hell noooooo.... they're all training for eSports.
  16. Why are they working on Riot if no one is playing it?
  17. @MattScott take that gamemode down please. Get first UE3.5 out. I rather play on a bugged 3.5 version of APB than farming joker tickets or ingame cash on this crap developed gamemode. I seriously don't want to be negative, but this here is just a no for me.. Though where are the 3.5 photos/screenshots? For me it feels like your just hiding between "new" content to prolong that the Team is probaly not even near to finish 3.5. If im wrong, then please give the community at least a little update about the current development situation of the engine upgrade.
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