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  1. Eana

    LF Clan (Criminal)

    Yes sure i can play enforcer, i never tried it, that the moment maybe :p
  2. Eana

    LF Clan (Criminal)

    Hello everybody who are reading this ! As you can see in the title, im looking for a clan criminal Let's start with who i'm I'm Eanaa, im playing APB:R since 2012-2013 start as criminal, for some reasons i did a lot of break cause the game was boring for me with the time but i'm playing again since 1month now, was searching a clan in random chat (no succes) so that why i'm here I'm gold rank and very active in the game/discord,the reason of why i'm looking a clan is missions etc, playing alone or in random Q its very boring cause always i'm with trollers/deranker so that so boring Thanks for reading this and cya later maybe !
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