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  1. It was not your birthday and it was given to everyone. All fair
  2. I strongly agree with you. If everything was not spoiled by the company Innova, you would be immediately transferred to a common server and you would play like all people, there would be no such problem.
  3. I believe that it would be fair to give an amount equivalent to the rate of $5 = 500G1. How many dollars you spent, how much will you return to G1C. The fact that everything was cheaper there was your problem. (Considering that the pricing policy was changed from 400G1C to 500G1C. And the fact that all prices in Armas were significantly reduced is already good for you)
  4. In any case, the main thing is not to make it the main goal. Everyone is waiting for the update of the engine, the new mode, Easter is coming, we need rabbits) p.s. You are great, trying to help them. But judging by their comments, the answers, they do not appreciate it. It's a shame. p.s. Now evil Russians will run and instruct me for dislike
  5. you write too much. Too often. It's annoying. Pretend to someone who does not owe you anything. Not very polite. I'm sure he did everything he could.
  6. Such a price after updating the prices in Armas. Previously, it was worth several times more expensive
  7. At 4game it was cheaper. So do not write this
  8. I'm sure that LO and Matt in particular are doing everything they can at the moment. All that is in their power. And you only can whine. Donate this to donate. Be content with what you have.
  9. You've spent 167,335 G1C resulting in a total of US$2091.69
  10. Above 1500-2000$... First purchase 2012-12-07 Last purchase 2019-02-24
  11. because the Russians have a big ping xD
  12. Nice bugs. Mission. 4/5 stage. Take three loads and then deliver by points (hold either to us or the opponents) took three loads, next. the stage does not start, it never began, considered defeat .. Before this patch, I have not encountered any problems
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