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  1. Don't touch the "bounty" system... It looks bad "We have no time to think about it, so we just turn it off" You take away everything that was beautiful in our favorite game. It was part of the gameplay.
  2. @Sakebee do you own any information?
  3. I love this feature. I really do not want to be cleaned or changed
  4. The black list is not rubber. On my blacklist are only those whom I consider to be a cheater or a toxic
  5. For a long time LO, they talked about changing nicknames with Cyrillic letters. I understand this is delayed until the general merger of the servers? or forever? This also applies to chat. Just tons of Cyrillic pour out there. Can you make a filter like in other online projects? That the person would see that language which he wants. @Sakebee
  6. Asylum shitty district, better to return Beacon instead of Asylum forever ↓↓↓
  7. Does Beacon’s daily assignment work at all? I can't take them, no matter how I try.
  8. After full installation. Delete two files: APB APB_Catcher Open the APB launcher and click fix. It helped me
  9. This error has appeared a long time ago. If you use ALT-TAB a lot or change characters
  10. 40% reload time and -25% from magazine capaciti 25% percent of 1
  11. Very quirky thing xd It turns out, so it will be when using this modification of any level? I just never used EOL before. And on a single-shot OSMAW inserted 3-Point Sling
  12. -25% -25% And not the whole ammo store (Although it consists of one bullet)
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