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  1. 40% reload time and -25% from magazine capaciti 25% percent of 1
  2. Very quirky thing xd It turns out, so it will be when using this modification of any level? I just never used EOL before. And on a single-shot OSMAW inserted 3-Point Sling
  3. -25% -25% And not the whole ammo store (Although it consists of one bullet)
  4. Bro. I think .. This is a bit of an unequal exchange. But wish you good luck
  5. I even shot a video, couldn't figure it out. Maybe it's because of latency. 5-6 shots from 5 meters and the enemy was killing me. It's a shitty option. RIP showstopper
  6. When everything is fixed. A very important question is, will this discount apply to KTTW and KTTC ?
  7. Look. You got 255R, play this game a couple of years or more. You have gold. You create a new character and play as good as always. PROFIT
  8. I also have KTTS and KTTW and don't have new symbols :с
  9. 0 Purple pumpkins left in WaterFront and my role have bugs 146/150. THX APB
  10. I smashed some pumpkins in Event Rider mode. And now these pumpkins are not in the usual area. And the counter does not see them. As a result, I can not complete the role
  11. Payment is not available in the Marketplace. I can’t add purchase G1C. ‘There was a problem initializing your order. Please try again’.
  12. for 5-6 missions I got 10 JT / 0JT / 7JT / 0JT / 2JT / 1JT
  13. Well, why ? why this toothpick? for hara-kiri? delete it please. I pray P.S. Sry. I'm not very good at Photoshop (not good at all. I use it once every 5 years), but I'm sure it's better.
  14. Everything will be fine with the mail. This situation was only with Nekrova. Because there was something that we did not have. I survived the merger of Patriot and Obeya. And all that I had remained with me
  15. I would like to have changed the titles OBT and CBT. These new immigrants (necroves). They played somewhere there at home in they game, from another provider. Long after there was official testing. Add to titles INNOVA or 4GAME. Thank p.s. And no. The date in the profile is not the beginning of my playing time. p.p.s. Thank you for wanting to rid us of the Cyrillic alphabet in nicknames. Take care of clan names too
  16. I agree that people who have not played the game for 3-5 years should lose their nicknames. All you do is mega cool. Love you Matt, LO. You give hope to players for whom this is not just a “game” Merged. Thank you for wanting to rid us of the (Cyrillic, Latin, etc) in nicknames. Take care of clan names too. THX
  17. This is my position, I play as I like. (p.s. yes, fully pumped weapon roles in my 3 characters.)
  18. To hell haters. Graphics .. graphics .. graphics .. We need a balance of weapons, teams and anti-cheat (fix old bugs). I love this game. For me, it is already more than just a game. I and many believe in LO. They will justify our hopes with time. (Yes, sometimes it is difficult to wait when the old owners of the game fed you with promises of 4+ years)
  19. I have a few characters on whom I do not want to rock the role of weapons. I use only Stabba. P.s. when you have 5-7 pumped characters it becomes boring and I have fun as I can. P.s.s. P.s.s.s. Similarly, the killings were not counted in the role of the - Autumn Assault. I was only glad
  20. And I like that they do not count. Let it be.
  21. You changed the cost of primary and secondary weapons, but did not change them in the tutorial.
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