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  1. Akaturaus

    fallen angel pack

    please add this pack. from what im aware it use to be avaialble for valentine been waiting for valentines to get it and am sorta disappointed its not here ty
  2. You'll have the time of your life for sure :D
  3. Didn't even notice the PC subforum. Thanks a bunch for the quick response. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  4. So I just spent most of my day getting these purple pumpkins and actually got them all, but my Purple Pumpkin Hunter role still says 146/150! preventing me from getting my reward! I'm fairly certain this is because when I logged in I went over to the event district and popped some purples while I was there, and realized I wasn't getting any credit for it, figuring it was because I was in a mission so I went back to a normal district and those pumpkins I shot didn't respawn! Please send help
  5. What we need is more clothing in general. A windbreaker, camisole, m-65 jacket, etc. There are so many things that could be added to add a lot more depth to player customization that APB could simply toss into an armas pack but don't. To me it really seems like a no brainer. Doesn't seem like too much work either for the profits that could be made.
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