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  1. You'll have the time of your life for sure :D
  2. Didn't even notice the PC subforum. Thanks a bunch for the quick response. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  3. So I just spent most of my day getting these purple pumpkins and actually got them all, but my Purple Pumpkin Hunter role still says 146/150! preventing me from getting my reward! I'm fairly certain this is because when I logged in I went over to the event district and popped some purples while I was there, and realized I wasn't getting any credit for it, figuring it was because I was in a mission so I went back to a normal district and those pumpkins I shot didn't respawn! Please send help
  4. What we need is more clothing in general. A windbreaker, camisole, m-65 jacket, etc. There are so many things that could be added to add a lot more depth to player customization that APB could simply toss into an armas pack but don't. To me it really seems like a no brainer. Doesn't seem like too much work either for the profits that could be made.
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