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  1. That's probably because the doors were technically open, but visibly closed on your client. Some door open animations gets stuck half way, but they operate as if they're open. Some door open animations didn't happen at all, but the door is open. You can't see players or anything through it, but bullets pass through.
  2. I'm yet to find a post where anyone has thanked LO for migrating your accounts at all... you should be grateful you still have your account.
  3. Have you considered finding something better to do at 5 in the morning?
  4. I also got kicked out of Asylum this morning when it was empty. Bought a gun from the contact, put mods in it, ran around for about 30 seconds testing it and got kicked while shooting a wall for apparently being Idle/AFK.
  5. It can be used both in and out of marksmanship mode
  6. I bought a Shredder. I don't know what ammo Joker are giving me but I'm sure the shells are all empty...
  7. AKA I downloaded the launcher myself and had no clue what half the settings were, and ended up using someone else's settings.
  8. As a usable weapon or an accessory? It's quite the gun, but I'd buy the option to sling a weapon over my back in a heartbeat.
  9. Thought someone might comment on that... it's Flaws' config - I honestly hate how it looks but it's made the game run better and me perform better.
  10. She probably gets a bit chilly in Winter
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