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  1. give me lilith and the other two furies. insane streetrats already burning down society. wont ask questions ebfore they shoot, and probably not after. then one hell of a party they are ready to end in an instant to shoot even more. its the cockroaches who will inherit the earth afterall, and even if they dont, its one hell of a ride
  2. >^.^< im sorry, i dont support the evil empire. give me tor and duckduckgo. guten tag
  3. would you prefer english, german, french, or swedish. sorry i dispise spanish but if its a must ill try to teach myself the basics of portugese or italian? more players is always better yes. What im saying is this is something that sees more use in a low population enviroment that allows players to better access content than they would otherwise. in a high playbase this is content that would be consistantly open more often on its own without the need for this system. On a busy server fightclub would almost always be active. on jerico its open 2-3 times a week
  4. this is a solution to a low playerbase situation. in a high playerbase situation its use is anywhere from merely degraded to absolutely worthless. blah, cant edit what i had posted. basicly the more people are playing the more likly any of the supported contect would activate spontanously. its only with a low playerbase you need some kind of flag to help it activate
  5. guess i shoulda gone back more than just a few page but honestly hadnt thought so since this idea is worthless when theirs a high population of players because such contect would be more likely to start without help in higher population numbers
  6. knowing that their is a way to help get into rarer content quicker might get people to stick around more unstill logging in, seeing that what they want isnt active and signing right back out. and on the limited population of jerico it would help even more for something like riot where people have all but given up on seeing it open. even jerico's limited population has more than enough to flag into riot or fight clubs
  7. this would be really usefull if the disrict or fightclub is empty, When you login, or any time later if you want a district, fightclub or expecially riot and its empty, you can set to join que, and when people start entering or enough people have flagged it you would get a message saying something like - we have enough people requesting a riot match to start one, would you still like to join? and if enough say yes then it automatically teleports you to the district. for the fight clubs it would be like set for whatever the minimum number of players are for each side, maybe with a few others. - so often i know people wanting to join fightclub but seeing it dead dont, causing it to never be active for days. these would let a person still commit to visit social or wander the districts doing whatever till the district they want to persue contect in is inactive, and allow for them to quickly open when their are interested people around instead of just never being active
  8. we could definitly use some kind of track. with cars so much of the crim and forcer culter their would definitly be some kind of track to challenge each others car and driving abilities.. with or without weapons
  9. sooo i was in abington towers (feeding enemy kills and killing idiot teammates that just run infront of me while im firing and just stand their.... i promise if i kill you its almost always a total suprize to me) anyways. being my scattered self my kitties distracted me and for a moment i forgot i was playing.. came back and was like oh wow, noone killed me. start running, see someome, shoot the wall, get killed, respawned and try running to the objective.. messaged my friend 'im gone after this mission, im not able to focus anymore." instantly after that i got disconneted for being idle? shouldnt the idle disconnect have occured while i was for the moment afk not in the middle of actual activities the game tracks and generates points for? ive noticed it more often in the last week or two than ever in the past. is this just me or are like others getting it as well?
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