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  1. this seems to be right. Thank you!
  2. Hello, recently, I've seen someone with a piece of clothing I did not seen before. I asked what it's called and apparently, it's the ''Halter Top'' Unfortunately, I couldn't find any information about it and was curious if someone knew anything about it The person wasn't sure where she/he got it from either so I'll try my luck here The only thing I found was: https://apbdb.com/items/Clothing_F_Top_Halter_Fashion/ Cheers
  3. Hey there! I am aware that a post like this already exists: Nevertheless, I felt like creating another thread about it. At this moment, 128 people voted that it is ''Absurd That you Need to Play Ten out of Fourteen Days the Event is Active'' while 49 pressed ''No''. Neither I had enough time from these fourteen days to play 10. I would love if the halloween event get's extended - even only for some days. Of course it's probably not fitting in the schedule because of gun game etc. Even if it's still going to end on the 13th, thanks for the event! Cheers
  4. Hey SpeedyCat! I would be up for creating the symbol.
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